Monday, August 24, 2020

Weekend Recap

It was another hot, steamy weekend here in Minneapolis. I don't know how I went from living in the Midwest to living in Florida??? Seriously, it's been so hot and humid here this summer - the hottest, most humid summer I can recall, and of course that coincides with me being pregnant. So I am definitely dreaming about cooler fall temps!! I mean I usually love summer, but it's been too hot many days for us to go outside after nap time due to the heat index! But despite all that, we still had a good weekend.

Friday afternoon got off to a rough start as Paul got sent home from daycare for constipation. They would normally keep him for an issue like that, but he was crying and screaming. He's always struggled w/ constipation since getting off breast milk, but we thought it was getting better so hadn't been giving him miralax daily (which is what his doctor recommended we do). So Phil picked him up after lunch. Luckily he napped for over 2 hours so we were both able to work. And the constipation resolved after nap time (TMI? Sorry!), but not without a lot of tears and screaming from Paul. :( Poor little guy.

On Friday night, I finally got around to opening a package that came in the mail earlier this week from my friend Erin in PA. We've been very lucky to be on the receiving end of some awesome hand-me-downs. She sent me 2 pairs of swishy track pants and a really cute fleece vest. The vest will fit this fall and maybe Paul will grow into the 2T pants by the spring? We'll see (he's currently mostly in 18m bottoms). She also sent him an "indestructible" book called "Things That Go" which was of course a HUGE hit for Paul since he's obsessed with anything with wheels. The book ended up having to go on "time-out" on Saturday afternoon, though (that's what we do with toys he isn't playing nicely with). When we facetimed my parents on Saturday morning, I explained how the book was indestructible. Apparently, Paul figured out what that meant so was trying to fold it or roll it up to look through it, etc. Whoops. Phil said I should not have went on about how cool this indestructible book was (it's also washable) as Paul doesn't need to know that! Lesson learned. But seriously, the book is really cool and I will add more to our collection when the baby starts getting into books. And yes, Paul is not wearing pants in the photos below. Pants are pretty optional for him at home.

That night we grilled turkey burgers and had corn on the cob and green beans from my garden. Yum!

On Saturday morning, I headed over to my friend Courtney's house for a play date. Phil's cousin was coming over to work on projects with Phil so I knew it would be best for us to be out of the house. We were over there for 3 hours. Some other kids from daycare were there so there were 6 kids total. I will say that Paul does not play super well with the other kids at these play dates. There are 2 sets of siblings who live 1 house apart so they play together a ton, and then the other little boy who came over is in the same class at one of the kids. So Paul doesn't know any of them super well since they aren't in his same class. And they are a little more rambunctious/adventurous that Paul so he likes to watch them play. Paul is extremely cautious so things like a bouncy house scare him. But he still has a great time playing with different toys and it's so good for me to get some adult conversation in while watching him. In the next month or so, Paul will be in the same classroom as 2 of the 5 kids that were there on Saturday so maybe at that point he'll play better? We'll see. He is a very very social kid at school so I'm telling myself not to worry about him being more of a loner at these play dates.

It got hotter as the day progressed on Saturday so we did not go outside after nap. Womp womp. So I was very happy when bedtime rolled around! Despite the heat and humidity, I made turkey wild rice soup with the leftover turkey from the weekend before. It was so good - I just needed a fan blowing on me while I ate it. ;)

On Sunday morning, we met a friend and her son at a local park for a play date. Our boys are 3 days apart, but you'd never guess it by looking at them as her son is 40 lbs and probably has 4-5" on Paul! It was kind of comical to see them together as her son looks like a kindergartner! The park was a little busier than I'd like and I feel like the parents were not watching their kids well, which was annoying. Like Paul start to go down a slide and another kid would start to climb up the slide, so I'd have to tell the older kid to give Paul a chance to come down first. So I tried to steer Paul towards quieter areas of the park. He loved the park so was very sad when we left, but we'd been there for over 1.5 hours and it was so hot/humid.

When we got home, we had a egg bake that I'd assembled that morning that had broccoli, ground sausage and red peppers from my garden. It was really good! Paul went down for a nap and I took a solid nap, too, as I had been up for about 2 hours during the night thanks to pregnancy insomnia! While I napped, Phil raked up acorns and mowed our lawn. I was not envious of his outdoor work in the heat!!

It was too hot to go outside after nap so we stayed inside for the rest of the day. I'm really glad we have a finished basement - we have a basketball hoop and train table down there. On days when we are cooped up inside, we end up spending a lot of time down there!

So all in all, it was a good weekend. I had a lot of solo time with Paul since Phil was busy with house projects on Saturday and grocery shopped and swam while we were at the park on Sunday. I told him at the end of the weekend that I was mentally fatigued but knew he was physically fatigued. Hopefully next weekend I'll have less solo time with Paul as it can really wear me out since he has soooo much energy!

How was your weekend? Is it hot and humid where you are? Are you dreaming of fall like I am?


Jeanie said...

Sorry it has been so hot there. It's been pretty darned perfect here at the lake (good lake breeze) but even at home, it was decent. I've been here just a few days. Maybe t's too hot to enjoy playing with other kids. Smart to get out while "projects" are going on at home!

The egg bake sounds delish.

Stephany said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you guys are dealing with Florida-like humidity. The whole point of surviving Minnesota winters is to enjoy the summertime! Argh. It's ridiculous here, sooooo hot and humid. Like, 70% humidity, which is just stupid. Our temps stay around 90 degrees, but with the humidity, it's easily 15-20 degrees hotter.

Does Paul do better with one-on-one playdates than playdates with a bunch of kids? I feel like I would be intimidated, too, being around a bunch of kids who already know each other!

I'm glad you're able to get out and about right now and spend time with people. Yay!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

This summer has been so weird! We also had a very strange week about two weeks ago where it got into the 90s/100s in the Bay Area (normal temp in the summer = low 70s) and even into the 113-115 range in some of the inland areas! And then it was so humid for a few days and then there were thunderstorms and then there were fires. Whew! And now it has cooled down a little (high today is supposed to be high 70s) but it is still really smoky. Our humidity is actually generally in the 70% range, but it stays cool enough that it is not noticable.

I relate to Paul! When I am in a bigger group, I am always the quiet one; I do a lot better with one on one interactions. I don't really like "putting myself out there" when there are a lot of people around. I think he will be fine; he was just not feeling social at the moment. As long as he entertains himself!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Its' been really hot here too. I still have been making us go outside for short bursts or we'd go insane and Adeline would destroy my house. When I can I try to take her on a morning walk/swing on her swing before it gets completely brutal aka no shade on our walk until night time ha. We have definitely been utilizing our pool. I am so not looking forward to endless days inside when its too icy out. If we could just maintain this until I can take my children places again, that would be great. ha

Gracie said...

I can understand how tired you would be running around after a toddler in the heat! And pregnant! Sorry your weather has been so bad this year. Maybe it means you'll have a mild winter!

Shoshanah said...

We had a long struggle with constipation with Jacob too, and then it got worse with potty training. It’s been a couple months now since it’s been bad, but it was so miserable in the weeds of it. Hopefully it’s something Paul is able to grow out of and move past soon!

Grateful Kae said...

We just returned from Florida and yes, there is definitely a HEAT wave here in WI too. So far I haven't even had a chance to be outside as I'm playing catch up on life now after our trip. I definitely get "sick" of the heat by usually around the 2nd week of September. I love fall so much too and get annoyed if summer overstays its welcome. I like to get a nice chunk of each season. :) I haven't really been too bothered by the heat this summer but I think it's because my kids are older so I don't need to be standing out there supervising them. I have actually greatly enjoyed the heat on morning walks or late evening walks. I'm not typically outside a ton during the day anyway, so it hasn't been a big deal. And, I'm not pregnant. :)

San said...

Ugh, sorry you're dealing with heat + humidity. That's killer. Do you guys have AC? I am asking because it's been hot and humid in Germany this summer too and most houses don't have AC, so it's extra challenging to stay cool and comfortable.
I am forever thankful for the dry heat in California (even though I am not enjoying triple digits temp either way).

Abby said...

Ugh to the heat. I don't know what we are going to do when we have a child in the summers here! They can't swim all day long in the pool...or their skin will burn. Looks like Paul still seems to enjoy it!

I am sure he is just on the shy side with meeting new kids - since he has many friends at daycare. And that toddler age of stubbornness means he is going to do what he wants.

That park experience sounds sort of like a nightmare for me. :D haha! Especially with COVID - parents need to be respectful to other people and watch their damn kids.