Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

Woo hoo - this is my last pregnancy update! Hurrah! I could not be more ready for this pregnancy to be over. If this pregnancy was a marathon, I'd say I hit "my wall" about 2 weeks ago. Here's how I'm doing at this point!

Baby size:  I had my last OB appointment today and they estimate that the baby weighs 7#7oz. Those estimates aren't terribly accurate so I'm guessing he'll be close to Paul's size - Paul was 7#5oz at birth. So chances are the baby will be very average which I am ok with! Granted, the size matters less when you are having a c section! 

I feel large and in charge, but that's pregnancy for you! I have gained a bit less weight this pregnancy, but weighed more when I got pregnant. With Paul, we had just gotten married so I was at my lowest weight in years! So all in all, I feel good about how much I've gained this pregnancy. Following the gestational diabetes protocol definitely caps your weight gain.

37 weeks
38 weeks

Sex of the baby: boy! 

Name progress:  Final decision has been made but we aren't sharing it until there is a cute baby attached to the name. ;)

Symptoms/RA management: Pregnancy-wise, I don't have many complaints. I have a hard time breathing and sleep is challenging since I'm up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. But if it wasn't for RA, I would say I am feeling pretty good. But my RA has been horrible. I've had flares in my shoulders this week so haven't been able to lift my arms above my shoulders without yelping in pain. RA sucks - that is all. 

Gestational diabetes management:  This has been totally fine. I'm burned out on my food options and don't have the motivation to research recipes/try something new - especially since flares often make it hard for me to be up and about/meal prep/etc. But the end is in sight and I look forward to enjoying lots of treats when this baby is out of me!

Recent/upcoming appointments: I had my last OB appointment today. I've been going weekly since 33 weeks so am very glad to be done with these. I love my provider and her partners but being gone for 1.5-2.5 hours every week for an appointment is not fun. I was able to cancel my endo follow up appointment, though, since my blood sugars have been good. 

Sleep: Oof, sleep has been tough, but that's common for late pregnancy. I think it's your body's way of preparing you for what is to come. Since I'm battling a cold, I decided I really need sleep so caved and bought some unisom - which is safe for pregnancy. It really knocks me out! But I was getting less than 7 hours of sleep before taking it and that's not enough for non-pregnant Lisa and certainly not pregnant Lisa. I'll stop taking it once the baby is born. 

Cravings/favorite foods and aversions: Nothing new - Fairlife chocolate milk and Venti SF Vanilla lattes with whole milk are life right now. ;) 

Exercise:  Nada. RA is making this impossible unfortunately. I wish I could go for long walks but it's just not possible with my pain situation. 

Recent baby prep/decisions: Phil moved all of the baby stuff from the basement to the baby's room. We won't set up his room until he is closer to sleeping in there. He'll sleep in our room for 3-4 months in a Halo bassinet. So for those first 3-4 months, the baby's room will continue to be Phil's office when he works from home. I know setting up a nursery is something most couples do, but we haven't found it to be necessary... plus we are so minimalistic when it comes to decorating so there won't be much to do when he does move in there. I will hang some book-themed prints and call it good! I will put more effort into our kid's bedrooms when they are older and actually spend time in there. Paul is only in his room to sleep. 

Mood: ready to be done! 

And that's a wrap! No more pregnancy posts from me! Thanks for following around - I know these kind of posts aren't for everyone, but it's nice for me to have my pregnancy journey documented. It's definitely been a challenging pregnancy but I am glad I'm on the brink of being done with pregnancy FOREVER!!!


missris said...

Oh my goodness you're so close! I can hardly wait to see pictures and congratulate you guys :)

Stephany said...

YAYYYY IT'S ALMOST OVERRRRRR! I'm still crossing my fingers he comes on my birthday :)

You are all belly, too! Love that bump. <3

Shoshanah said...

I can’t believe you’re about to have another baby!!! I’m so excited for you.

I know for my first pregnancy I was pregnant with gd over thanksgiving and was so upset. I told myself I was just going to eat like normal! Of course 6 years later can remember how upset I was going in, but have little memory of what I did eat or how I tested afterwards. Hope you have a happy thanksgiving tomorrow, even if you’re not able to eat like you normally would.

dailycandy said...

I like your approach for the nursery. So many people decorate it all fluffy baby animals or blues or pinks and give it a few years and youre doing it all over again. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

Stevie said...

Home stretch! Awww your photos make me miss being pregnant, even with the bad sleep and rigid GD diet/eating schedule! :-D I'm so sorry you're in so much pain from your RA, though. Will you be able to go back on meds immediately, or does it depend on the BF/pumping situation? I hope you stay as comfortable as you can during these last days and sending love your way and wishing for a safe birth and speedy recovery! Can't wait to see photos of the sweet little babe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful Kae said...

So close!!! You've got this!! Can't WAIT for the update that little one is here!! You've taken a very challenging pregnancy and handled it with such impressive grace. You could have turned every single post into a major complain fest, but you didn't. That is so amazing. I loved how you acknowledged the sucky-ness of it all but still focused on the many good things going on in your life, too. (Like, lattes!!! ;) ) I thought your pregnancy posts had a really nice, very real balance to them. You will be so happy some day to have these detailed pregnancy reports, too. I'm jealous and wish I had had something like this back then! Wishing you the very best, good vibes, all the things. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all, too!

Charbelle said...

I know this has been super challenging! I looked at my calendar this morning and you are down to days! I'm so sorry the RA has been so awful!!! I'm excited for y'all!!!

Anne said...

I can't believe you are so close! I honest to Pete don't remember when your c-section is scheduled, but oh, my, you must be so happy that it's happening and soon. I hope that your RA improves and that you enjoy that first treat post-delivery. (The first food treat, not the wonderful treat of meeting your new family member!) Can't wait for the update!

Sam said...

I like reading the pregnancy posts! Although, I'm definitely not ready to do it again yet...still enjoying being a family of three and having my body feel more like my own again. You're almost there :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Yay! Here's to smooth sailing for the next few days! What is the first treat you are going to have once you can eat/drink whatever you want?

I can't wait to meet baby Taco!

Jeanie said...

The next pregnancy post will be the big reveal! I've loved following along!

Abby said...

I'm so glad your sugars at least have behaved - you have enough curveballs! I kept meaning to ask and would forget.

I'm soooo happy this is your last pregnancy post - b/c that means next up will be baby updates!!

I cannot wait to meet sweet baby Taco! It has been fun being pregnant with my sister!