Monday, May 24, 2021

A Full Weekend!

 This past week felt like a "pre-pandemic" type of weekend! I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day on Sunday, but it also felt good to have plans and see (vaccinated) people! Here is how we filled the weekend!

On Friday when I went to pick up the boys, Will's teacher told me he is the easiest baby in the room! She said he is always smiling and only cries when he is tired or hungry. We have noticed that he is a much easier-going baby than Paul was! I will say that besides being a better eater, he was a fussier and a worse sleeper during the first 12 weeks. So each kiddo had their "easier" periods and I am sure that will continue. But it's nice to hear how happy he is at daycare!

On Friday night, Phil went to Home Depot after Will went to bed to buy a new washing machine!! Hooray! I have been wanting a new one since we moved in. We have a front loader but the previous owners must not have been good about keeping the door open after using it - the gasket was pretty gross. I tried cleaning it with bleach but it didn't help. Phil kept putting this purchase off but when the front loader we had in mind went on sale, he pulled the trigger. It arrives on Friday. You know you are an adult when you get excited about a new washing machine! Paul and I worked on some puzzles together before bedtime. He LOVES puzzles so takes after his mom! 

Saturday was warm and steamy right from the start! Paul wanted to clean up all the stuff that our Oak tree had dropped so Phil and him worked on that. Phil was not excited about this, but Paul was very insistent that they clean off our back patio. He used his rake and shovel from sand toy set to help and was VERY proud to show me the results when they were done! 

My MIL came over after Paul's nap on Saturday for an early birthday celebration. I put Will in an extra cute outfit. He looks like he's ready to hit the links with daddy!

Always be smiling!

We ate a yummy meal of grilled brats, asparagus, fingerling potatoes and corn on the cob! Joan's birthday gift was a quart of her favorite ice cream from a local ice cream shop. Funnily enough, Phil went to buy it at 10:15 on Saturday morning and there were 25 people in line!! He was NOT expecting it to be so busy. Everyone was getting ice cream! I guess we are all excited to be out and about again - and it was a VERY hot and steamy morning. 

On Sunday morning, Paul worked on some art projects with these bingo dotters that a friend handed down to me. He's not super into art projects but loves these dotters! 

Later that morning, 3 college friends brought brunch to us so they could meet Will. I failed to get any pictures of them with Will, but did snap this one of my friend Amanda reading "The Gruffalo" (a fave of Paul's). With the exception of a winter walk with Amanda, I hadn't seen these girls since last September so it was great to get together!

Then later in the day, we walked over to Phil's friend/former coworker who lives about 3 blocks away. They did a major renovation last year so we got to see the finished product. They have a daughter who is 6 months younger than Paul so they played in the back yard while the adults caught up on the patio. We hadn't seen this couple since pre-pandemic so it was great to see them in person and catch up. 

Whew! And that was our weekend. I was definitely exhausted by the end of the day on Sunday but felt so thankful to actually have PLANS again! Yay for vaccines!

How was your weekend? Is your social calendar filling up now that we are moving out of the pandemic?


Jeanie said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend, Lisa, and one long awaited. My calendar is filling more than I'd like (mostly with PT appointments) but also some get togethers with friends. We're still meeting outdoors or in a park unless it is someone's home. No restos for us yet. Those photos are all darling. (I know what you mean about the washer -- I felt the same when Rick gave me a vacuum for Christmas.)

Grateful Kae said...

Lots of socializing!!! How exciting!! I LOVE that picture of Paul sitting on the step. He looks so grown up there! Just adorable. We had a crazy busy weekend too, but not entirely as fun as yours. Some parts were very fun, but all of the driving in the car was tiring and just kind of annoying. By the time we were about 20 minutes from home on Sunday, on our final leg of the weekend, I was getting seriously antsy!! I was like, come on, where is the exit?!! Haha. I think the combination of relaxed restrictions + the warm weather has everyone all amped up and excited. I really can't believe that things are slated to go essentially "back to normal" around here on June 2. It's crazy!! I never thought we'd see the day. Haha. I'm so relieved. Also, it feels really great to be able to see people and NOT feel "guilty" anymore. We didn't see many people at all anyway, prior to the vaccines, but whenever we decided that we would (in very small doses, like with my parents), or when we did some (safe) traveling, I felt uncomfortable. Like I was going to be judged by someone for "not taking things seriously" (even though we definitely did!). I found it all to be very awkward, especially in the phase as the vaccines were rolling out and it was hard to know if/when exactly we could start doing certain things again... So, I'm glad to be able to see people/go places and have it mostly be "okay" now, if that makes sense. And I agree- yay for vaccines and pretty much everyone I know being fully vaccinated now!

San said...

Wow you really had a full weekend. I can't even imagine how wonderful and at the same time exhausting that must have been after all this time.

We hosted my MIL last weekend and it was wonderful but also exhausting having someone in our space for three days LOL

Stephany said...

A full weekend indeed! I'm glad you're able to open up your life like this and introduce Will to friends/family! I also love that his teachers commented on what an easygoing baby he is. <3

A new washer is SUCH AN EXCITING PURCHASE! I mean, I bought a new trash can last week and I'm still so thrilled every time I use it, hahaha. Adulthood is so glam!

Aly said...

The puzzle with a border looks convenient. Do you mind sharing what brand of puzzles is pictured above?

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Now that things are opening up a bit, I have been running more errands and we're hoping to get together with Christopher's parents soon for a backyard visit. I am happy to be venturing out a bit more, as I have had way too much time alone with my thoughts, lol.