Monday, July 12, 2021

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! We had a really great weekend - mostly because it was not blazing hot for a change! Woo hoo! That long stretch of hot, humid weather was really wearing on me and making me dislike summer, but I'm back on team summer again now that the weather has normalized a bit (for now - I'm sure we are in for more of that heat this summer). 

On Friday I picked up the boys from school and it was nice enough outside for all of us to hang out outdoors (it's typically been way too hot/humid for Will). Will loves being outside so he enjoyed watching his brother play with his various outside toys.

Mama & Will. My freckles are out in full force.

Playing bean bags with daddy. We got a bean bag toss toy from Phil's cousin earlier this summer.

Will is getting more and more interested in solids. On Friday night he had yogurt and applesauce. He's still figuring out how to use his tongue when eating but overall seems to like what I've given him!

On Saturday morning, I went for a 4.5 mile run on my own in the morning. It was pretty humid but still an enjoyable run. Then Phil headed out to get groceries/run other errands so I hung with the boys. Will took a short nap. His naps are so unpredictable and rarely overlap with Paul's but oh well. Such is life with 2 young kids. Paul had fun working on this puzzle. He's like me and LOVES puzzles.

When Will woke up, we all ate lunch. This time, Will had yogurt and a pear/prune blend. 

After lunch, we went on a family walk to the creek so Paul could throw rocks with daddy. I totally spaced that I had made a hair appointment for Paul at noon! I did not realize this until around 3 when Phil said, hey didn't Paul have a hair appointment today? Mom brain for the win... 

Paul fought his nap that day, which rarely happens but Will napped for 2 hours! I had to wake him up because we had to get to my brother's house! We have barely seen my brother and his family over the last 1.5 years because of covid. They live about 30 minutes from us. My brother is an amazing cook so we were excited to head over there to catch up and have dinner. Will was kind of fussy (teething I think?) but he let my SIL Julie hold him for a little bit.

They pulled out a bin of train toys they kept from when their kids were little and set up an awesome track for Paul! My nephews are 13 and 16 but are so sweet with Paul. 

I guess all that cousin time wore both boys out because they slept until 7! We had to wake Paul up so who knows how long he would have slept otherwise. We had to wake him up so we could get to swimming lessons at 8. Unfortunately he participated even less in the lesson so things are not getting better on that front. They have really tried everything including having a floater teacher try to work w/ him individually/coax him into the pool. But he will not cooperate so I am debating cancelling the rest of our session and waiting another year or so. I think if he didn't have that year gap due to covid, he would have transitioned to being on his own in the pool just fine. We'll never know, though, so will just have to hope he is more willing to try in a year or so. Learning to swim is NOT optional in our house so it's something he needs to get on board with eventually, but I don't know if it's worth this battle at age 3... 

When we got home, Phil headed out to swim at the local lake. I look forward to next summer when we can go with him and play in the sand/water while he swims. But that won't work this summer since Will needs a morning nap. He slept for over 2 hours that morning and I thought I might need to wake him again but he finally woke up on his own around 12:15. Phil took Paul for a walk along the creek, sans stroller, and I stayed back and fed Will and then headed out on a stroller walk with him. He loves stroller walks so this is a good way to get some steps in and keep him happy and entertained!

That evening we had friends over for dinner. I took the easy approach and got a bagged salad from Aldi, take and bake pizza and ice cream. I used to put pressure on myself to make something nice when we have people over, but I've realized it really doesn't matter in this stage of life and people are just happy to get together. The kids all played in the backyard and we enjoyed using our new patio set for the first time! Getting a patio set was challenging - the first one we ordered from Home Depot took forever to arrive - then only the table arrived and they said the chairs were coming. 2 weeks later HD said the chairs were lost, so they came and picked up our (already assembled) patio table. So we lost about 2 months in that whole process. Luckily the table and chairs we ordered from Target came in about a week - faster than the estimated delivery on the website! 

I usually read until 9:30 most night, but last night I turned off my light and went to bed at 8:40 - that's how tired I was from all the outdoor time/activity from the weekend!

How was your weekend? 


TayaRuns said...

Wasn’t the weather just awesome this weekend?! So nice to actually be out with the kids
Great job on your run! So nice to be out running again - while I do like the summer weather, when it comes to running I get so excited for the fall :)

katielookingforward said...

What a bummer on that patio furniture! But at least you've got something figured out, and yes the more normal weather is such a blessing! Has Paul been to many splash pads? Maybe that would be a good option for him vs lessons this year. Or the edina pool has a pretty good kid area, but I don't know your comfort level on that one.

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a terrific weekend -- long-missed family, fun with the kids and even a little progress with the solid foods! You'll get it down pat in no time!

You know what my weekend was like! Thanks for all your nice comments and support!

Marlys said...

Wow, that’s quite the train setup! I bet Paul was impressed! Also, I didn’t know there was a kids bean bag game- Cool! Maybe I should get one as I am terrible at that game!
It will be interesting to see how Will takes to table food, and maybe his palate will be wider than his brother’s! Time will tell.

Stephany said...

I'm so glad you finally had a pleasant summer weekend! I hope it stays that well - you guys deserve it!!

Ugh, your patio furniture debacle sounds like my dining room table debacle from last year. I have a friend who is dealing with furniture delivery mishaps like this, too, and I guess it's just par for the course right now! I'm glad you have something being delivered soon!

I'm sorry Paul still isn't taking to swim lessons like you'd hoped. I remember really struggling with swim lessons as a kid - I think it was my shyness! But now I'm a great swimmer so maybe it will just take time with him. <3

An 8:40pm bedtime sounds AMAZING. I really need to get better about my bedtime, haha.

Grateful Kae said...

Bummer about the swim lessons! Both of my boys were always fine with them, I think...neither freaked out but I definitely saw other kids doing that. DEFINITELY. haha! It's crazy though how my boys took the same lessons but Asher was just so much more natural. Of course now he does competitive swimming. Ethan can swim, but it's just not pretty. I don't know what it is! He is doing some lessons yet this summer just to try to refine things some. He doesn't like to swim at all, either- just doesn't seem to enjoy it AT ALL. :( (besides playing around in the water with balls, friends, etc. But he has no desire at all to just lap swim or anything like that.) I'm sure Paul will eventually get over his fears. I think it sounds reasonable to maybe just take a pause and circle back to them later. I can't say that I ever see too many 5+ year olds freaking out about getting in the water, so I'm sure it will pass. :)

We need some new patio chairs now, too. I'm not too optimistic. I love the set we have, but the chairs have a weave like pattern, and two of the 4 chairs have developed little holes in them! It looks like they will continue to break if people sit on them, ugh! I picked up a cheap cushion for the worse one, for the time being, to help prevent direct contact with the weaker spot. I'm so bummed because I love how the set looks! I haven't seen any just like them around, and like you said, it seems the supply is lacking in general this year. Maybe if we can make ours stretch to the end of the summer, we can deal with it next spring... :)

San said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful weekend full of family and friends.

Don't sweat that Paul is not willing to swim yet... I learned late myself, but mastered it eventually ;)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Will's smile is so sweet. He is such a happy little guy!

I have been going to bed pretty late for the past while, so I need to start moving my bedtime back as school starts up again in under two weeks.