Thursday, October 7, 2021

Baby Will at 10 Months

Will turned 10 months over the weekend! We are knocking on the door of 1! He is such a sweet and easy-going baby so we feel very lucky!

Growth: He was 19 pounds and 29.25" at his 9 month appointment in mid-September. So he is pretty long and lean (in the 30s for weight percentile, upper 80s for height). He has a huge head like his brother! He has a very long torso so is in 12-month sleepers and tops but mostly 9 month pants. We are probably going to need to move him to a convertible car seat soon because of his length. I was hoping to hold off until we got a new car but given the outlook for the car market, he's going to need more room sooner than we can find a car most likely. 

He has 6 teeth now (4 on top, 2 on the bottom). I think he got 2 in the last 2 months but I need to check his baby book! I can tell another bottom tooth is coming in.


There isn't much he doesn't like. He's such an easy going baby!

- He loves to sit on a blanket and play with toys. His favorite toys are rattle-type toys that make nose when you shake them and this fish tank toy that lights up and plays music.

- He likes being read to. His favorite book is Baby Faces. It has pictures of babies making different faces. He gets the biggest smile on his face when we read this book and he really studies the pictures!

- He loves bath time and has outgrown his baby tub which means brother baths are much easier! Paul prefers to take baths with Will now. Now that he sits up so well, it's much less stressful to bath them together. They have the best time. Will just adores Paul.

- Paul is certainly his favorite person. He is constantly watching Paul. It will be fun to watch this relationship continue to develop. When William goes to bed Paul says, "good night my sweetie." There is still some aggressive behavior on Paul's part at times but that's toddler life for you. When we are eating dinner, Paul often pulls Will over so they are as close as possible. 

- He loves to stand up - either along the ottoman or by holding our hands. He also still loves the jumper. 

Dislikes: really not much! He doesn't cry very often so we are lucky. 

- He does not like to go to bed. As soon as we enter his bedroom for nap or bedtime, he starts to cry. He must have FOMO! 

- He also does not like to be on his stomach. We keep putting him on his stomach but he protests! So he is not crawling yet and I kind of doubt he will. I think he'll go right to walking. Our pediatrician said she's not concerned and that he is probably too content to be motivated to crawl. 


- He got his first haircut the day before turning 10 months! This before and after photo shows how different he looks now. Haircuts always make babies look so much older! 

- He met more family in August - he met my sister, BIL, and their baby who is 2 months younger than him. It was fun to see William and Maddy together! Maddy is so expressive - she reminds me of Paul. Will is just generally happy and smiling. I'm glad we captured some of Maddy's hilarious expressions. That side eye photo is amazing!

Feeding: He is eating more and more solids and really liking them so far. He loves yogurt and most purees we give him. I've also given him chunks of things and it's very hit or miss on what he'll eat. We keep giving him scrambled eggs but he doesn't like them - yet. I'm going to keep trying. He loves graham crackers and recently started to eat banana pancakes. He still nurses when he wakes up and goes to sleep and 2-3 other times during the day on weekends. He drinks 3 bottles at school and gets cereal and/or purees twice a day. His milk consumption has really dropped which is a relief as my milk supply has also dropped. 

Sleeping: Ugh. Things were going so well in the sleep department and then he got sick in August and got some new teeth so sleep has not been great. When he's sick, I don't feel comfortable letting him cry for long so he's eating 1-2 times/night. It's not ideal but hopefully he's healthy soon and goes back to sleeping through the night. Naps have been a bit better lately, though!

Mama: I am continuing to feel pretty good all in all. We've had a string of illnesses over the last 4-6 weeks so being sick and dealing with more frequent wake-ups has been a bit rough. But I tell myself this is temporary and my kids will sleep through the night again soon. Hopefully? My pelvic floor PT cleared me to stop coming in as she said everything looks great. I'm happy that I'm able to workout 4-5 times/week! My RA is in a good place, too, so I might stay on this current regimen even after I'm done breastfeeding (thinking I will wean Will around a year? We'll see).

I do kind of dream of going to stay in a hotel for like 2 days! But my bigger priority is going away with Phil. We haven't spent a night together away from the kids besides when Will was born (which was not a getaway!). Hopefully by the time our 5 year anniversary rolls around in May we can go somewhere for 4 days or something like that? I just need Will to be sleeping better so I can feel ok leaving the boys with my parents.

I'm happy that the 1-year mark is just around the corner. I will be VERY glad to be done pumping during the work day!

Pablo: He's handling the big brother role pretty well all in all. There are definitely moments where he is a little too aggressive with Will. He does not understand that he is a fragile baby! I mean there is only a 9 pound difference between them so he's not THAT small compared to Paul! But mostly he is a very sweet brother and very affectionate towards Will. He loves to give him hugs and kisses. It will be interesting to see how things change when Will is on the move! Will is already SUPER interested in Paul's cars and trucks and tends to grab them if they are within his reach. Paul is not a fan of that!

Next time I do a Will post, he'll be one!! Insert head-exploding emoji!


Abby said...

Oh I love watching sweet amd happy Will grow!!! It’s so fun having him close in age to Maddy. Those bath pictures are just too sweet!

How often does he eat/nurse at this point? That’s great he is starting to take more solids!

Happy 10 months - a year is coming sooo fast! I hope you can soon get some time away with Phil to have a real conversation And some real relaxation, You deserve it, mama!!

TayaRuns said...

I fell the comment about getting away so strongly! I’m going to a mommy retreat next weekend and stay ingredient the night in a hotel and I can’t even explain my excitement. I can’t wait for Miles to be sleeping better too so we can do a weekend away from kids.

Stephany said...

I hope you and Phil get some time away soon! May seems soooo far away, but at least you have a time to anticipate.

I love how happy and easygoing he is, even with all the sleep difficulties.

It's fun to see Pablo and Will's relationship develop. I can only imagine it will continue to get stronger and stronger, especially as Will grows and they can communicate more with each other.

Jeanie said...

We woke in the middle of the night to the three year old sobbing for "Mommy." It was tough. But all was well, today right as rain. Will is adorable and getting so big. I'm glad he's a happy boy and that he and Paul are bonding well. I do hope you get that getaway soon!

San said...

Will really seems like such a chill, easy-going kid and I love to see him and Paul together <3 they'll be the bestest friends for life.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Will looks so cute with the haircut, and I love the picture of them smiling at each other in the bath; how precious :-)