Monday, November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 in Pictures

We spent Thanksgiving with my family - our first holiday with family in 2 years. I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking!

Will had a fever on Thursday and was all about snuggling. We took him to the doctor to make sure it wasn't another ear infection and for a covid test. His ears looked good and the test was negative. So just another stupid virus.

Paul discovered how delicious chocolate pie is! He especially enjoyed eating it with an construction equipment fork.

The high of our time at my parents was seeing Paul interact with his cousins. They did a great job including him, even though he's much younger (the 3 in this photo are 7 and 10). I especially loved seeing them working on puzzles together - while singing jingle bells!

Will sort of rallied for his early birthday celebration on Friday night - but wanted nothing to do with the homemade GF chocolate cupcakes my mom made. Womp womp. In his photo he is clapping, his favorite trick.

But Paul thoroughly enjoyed the cupcake and had chocolate frosting all over his face afterwards.

The big kids were great about reading to Paul.

A flashback photo on Facebook reminded me that I had a picture of Anna reading to Paul at Thanksgiving 2 years ago. My how they have both changed!

So that was Thanksgiving. Phil and I came back feeling pretty bleery-eyed since Will's sleep was epically bad - like up 4+ times/night. I got a cold the day before Thanksgiving and it hit Phil on Saturday morning. We'll be well-rested and healthy some day?

How was your Thanksgiving/last weekend in November?


Jeanie said...

This is just lovely, Lisa. Everything good except the virus and lack of sleep! But the photos are darling and I hope it was a holiday to remember. Big smiles! (I'm told you'll sleep someday. For what it's worth!)

Elisabeth said...

Oh no. Not more sickies!!! I am so, so sorry. Glad there were lots of redeeming moments, but somehow it feels harder to be in the middle of a holiday when you want to be relaxing and healthy and be sick and sleep-deprived.

Honestly, for 8 years straight we were sick at Christmas. 4 years in a row we were at the ER on Christmas Eve for some reason or another. My daughter (10.5) was just laughing the other day in the car about the Christmas Eve she went for chocolate gelato with family and ended up puking it all up and stayed on a mattress in front of the fire all Christmas Eve sick as sick can be. It's funny wasn't then. One year we just had to wait for Levi to open presents another day because he was so feverish and sick.

All that to say, we have been there. For us at least, it got SO much better once the kids were out of preschool. Their little immune systems kicked in to action and they just seemed to be exposed to fewer germs?

Really hoping everyone recovers in terms of sleep, colds, and fevers!!

Grateful Kae said...

Man, you guys really have gotten nailed with the viruses!! Bummer!! How nice though to at least be able to be back with all the family. Those pics of the older cousins playing with the little ones are the sweetest! Fingers crossed that maybe you can all get a break now through Christmas and stay well!!

San said...

I am so glad you were able to spend the holiday with your family (minus another bout of sickness - eek!).

Stephany said...

All of the pictures with all the kids cozy in their jammies, playing with Paul, make me so happy! What a fun time that all of the kids will remember. <3 (Also, I can't believe how big Anna is - I still remember when she was born!)

I'm sorry about all of the sickness, though. What a bummer for Will to feel so punky during Thanksgiving - AND that you and Phil got walloped with colds, too. Let's hope 2022 is a MUCH healthier year for your family!

Marlys said...

It was great to have you here for Thanksgiving, despite the colds and virus! I wish I had taken more pictures of the group, but I was too busy thinking about meals! I’m glad you got a few.