Friday, May 12, 2023

5 Things Friday

 Happy Friday! Here are 5 things on my mind today!

1. My trip to Denver went well. I had a light meeting calendar yesterday so was able to move my flight up and make it home for dinner/bedtime. So I only missed 2 mornings and 2 bedtimes. It was raining for most of my time in Denver and I made the rookie mistake of not packing an umbrella - but at least I wore a raincoat. 

2. I had my evenings free so could get dinner on my own. When I checked in, I asked for local recommendations that were walking distance away. This seemed to throw the front desk person off which is odd to me. Maybe she was new? I worked at a front desk at a resort in college and had a schpeel down for restaurant recommendations. The front desk person did offer some up, but one of her recommendations was Maggiano's - which is a chain. Perhaps this makes me snobby but I would rather not go to a restaurant chain for dinner while traveling. I do eat at a lot of chains for lunches, though, especially Chipotle.

3. Ultimately I found some good spots with good gluten free options thanks to Yelp! But the place I went to on Tuesday night had you scan a QR code for the menu. I HATE THIS TREND. I get that it made sense during the pandemic, but I am a tactile person and would prefer to page through a menu versus looking on my phone. For example, I generally do not like using my phone for recipes - I print them out and file the winners in a recipe binder. (I know this is not green but we do recycle). The resort we went to in Mexico last December also exclusively used QR code-based menus. It just takes away from the dining experience for me a bit. Yes, I am showing that I am an elder millennial by saying I dislike this use of technology. 

4. This weekend is Mother's Day. I do not have strong feelings/expectations when it comes to this holiday. When I was a kid, I remember my mom saying all she wanted for Mother's Day was for no one to fight for the entire day. She would also enjoy a free sundae from the Tastee Freeze, which was our local DQ type of spot. Now that I'm a mom, I can see how this is a great gift - no fighting and free ice cream! If I could wish for anything, it would be a day without whining, but I know that's not going to happen! So instead I'll wish for weather nice enough that we can be outside a lot because that is the recipe for a good day in our family. I don't want/need any sort of gift, though. But gifts are dead last on my list of love languages. I think my MIL is going to come over for the day and we'll get take out. 

Speaking of being outdoors, Paul finally got to use the stomp rocket toy he got from us for his birthday. This toy was a hit as both boys enjoy it! Ignore our sad yard... the last 2 summers we've had a drought and now we have slugs or something. We will not be winning yard of the week.

5. I'll close with something more fun. I finished "Romantic Comedy" by Curtis Sittenfeld early this week and thought it was DELIGHTFUL. Much of the book is set during the pandemic so if that's tough for you to read about, this would be one to skip. I love Sittenfeld and have read most of her books. This was the perfect pick-me-up page turner. I imagine it will land on lots of summer reading lists. 

How was your week? Do you hate QR code-based menus as much as me? How will you celebrate Mother's Day?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

One of the things we learned when working in the Espresso Bar is that you should always have the answers for a customer (even if you have to fudge it) when they ask a question. We had a salad (+ other items) bar in the mall that we worked in and I always recommended that because you could serve yourself, so no matter what they liked, there were options. Of course, it was a chain. But, I was 19, so I did not care that much. I would also recommend the blueberry scone and the mint mocha if they were not sure what to buy.

I saw that you gave Romantic Comedy five stars when I was scrolling around on GR so I have already put it on hold. I liked Rodham and Eligible a lot. Random fact: up until about a year ago, I thought she was a man. Not that that matters, but I thought she was a man writing romance type books, and was shocked to find out that she was a woman!

For Mother's Day we always get together with my family and K's family (including her parents) and have a lot of food and fun together! This year will be the first time since 2019 that we are all together for the weekend, because although last year we had it planned, K's family got COVID a few days before the day!

Jenny said...

I don't think I hate QR code-based menus as much as you, but I would definitely rather have a real menu.
I don't have any big plans for Mother's Day either. I keep telling my husband I'm going to spend the day cleaning the house, and then he says "No, I'LL do it!" So I guess my wish for the day is to end with a clean house. Boy, am I old and boring.
I read Curtis Sittenfeld's book of short stories and enjoyed it, so I'll try this one. It will probably take a while to get it from our library.
I hope you have a great weekend with minimal whining!

Sarah said...

Love Mother's Day because it often falls on or near my bday (5/13)-- but I agree that low key is best.

I also hate QR menus, but then I asked for a regular one when I was taking some grad students out for a work thing, and I forgot to bring my itemized receipt for my expense report, and it was a whole Thing that a QR code would have avoided.

LOVED Romantic Comedy-- she is one of my very favorite pop culture darling writers.

NGS said...

I am obviously an Old because I wouldn't even know how to scan a QR code, so I would opt out of any restaurant that didn't have either a paper menu or a menu on a screen I could look at!

The last time I was at a hotel, I asked the front desk clerk where I could walk to get something to eat and she was appalled. Don't you have a car? Of course I had a car, but I didn't want to drive in an unfamiliar area! I think it's weird that these front desk clerks aren't more aware of answers to normal questions, but maybe it's a change post-pandemic in terms of the quality of people they can hire to work jobs like that.

San said...

I don't "mind" the QR code for a menu, but as an option, not as THE ONLY option. I prefer a nice paper menu in my hand as well. Not everything has to be digital!

Recommendations can be tricky but yeah, if someone asks (esp. if you work at the hotel desk), you should have at least a "go-to" answer that is not what you could have looked up on your google map.

Nicole said...

Lisa, I do hate this trend for QR codes as well! For one thing, I do not like looking at my phone when I'm in a restaurant. For another, the font is always tiny and I don't have my reading glasses with me. I also print off recipes or write them down in my notebook rather than work off of a phone. LESS SCREEN TIME IS MY GOAL, NOT MORE!!!
Here's hoping you have a day of no whining! Or, minimal whining. My son just had dental surgery so it's a recovery weekend around here, but I am hoping to do a little gardening.

Mom of Children said...

QR codes-no thanks. Definitely takes away from the dining experience. Wee was okay, kind of went through the motions but took two days off to recoup from a cold that I am sure I picked up at the school.

Mother's Day... Very low-key! My mom is in Russia and it's not really celebrated. I am in the US for the past 20 years. Breakfast pancakes, kids made cards, and a picture frame (so cute), have a small budget for Nordstroms so I can update a couple of wardrobe pieces. Blogging adn reading today- exactly how I like it. Plus, time outside of course.

coco said...

I don't usually pack umbrella when I travel if staying in hotels because they usually have them. But when traveling for leisure, I often get to pack it too.

how odd is the front desk not knowing what to recommend... I'd love to try local food too, not food chains restaurants. oh I hate the QR code trend. usually they do have the paper menu for "emergency" and I often just pretend I don't have internet access so they'll give it to me.
I'd totally ask for a no fight day as your mom. we didn't celebrate it this year as it's not a local holidays. I know it may sound bad, but I'd love to have a free day for myself and have a nice dinner with the family. hOpe you got a good one.

Diane C. said...

I find the QR code trend annoying because once folks pull out their phones it's kind of game over for conversation.
The only things I ever want for Mother's Day is to spend time outside and to have someone take a picture of me with my kids. I had to work today, so I didn't really get any of that, though we did order take out and eat it on our back patio, so maybe that counts as outdoor time?

Stephany said...

Gosh, I have never thought about my thoughts about QR code menus. I guess I'm fine with them. Would I rather have a physical menu? Sure. But I don't mind if it's digital. But if it is digital, then I want to be able to order from the online menu, too. I am the serving industry's worst nightmare because I would be A-OK doing everything digitally, lol.

Anne said...

Stephany and I should eat out together... I prefer the all-digital experience, too. :)
I have not been to Denver in forever... thanks for reminding me that I need to go! So glad that you were able to change your flight, too - it must be hard being away.