Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Long weekend recap

We had a really nice long weekend up at my parents! It was a HOT weekend so the lake was the place to be! Taco and I hit the road around 7 on Friday and were at my parents by 9:45. It was probably the best drive I’ve had with Taco because he was entertained by watching little baby bum on my work phone for 70 minutes! Everyone is very enamored by my 3-month old niece, baby Amelia, who goes by Millie! She’s getting lots of attention from all of us. 

The excitement of the day was when my nephew and his friend caught a 42” Muskie! There is a Muskie that has hung out under my parents dock for years and they finally hooked him (and released him after taking some photos). 

That night we went to a pizza place that has lots of toys for kids in their gravel/sand pit. My kids came home filthy and covered with gravel dust but they were so entertained so it was worth it!

The boys slept until 7 the next day!! I ran 3 sweaty, humid miles and then we hit the beach/water. 

The main event on Saturday was Millie’s baptism. 

Taco was not into the cousin picture, surprise surprise.

He was happier later while eating a popsicle. This was a rare smile caught on camera! 

I enjoyed some baby cuddles that day, too. I’m happy to cuddle a baby - and then hand the baby back! 

That night, I took out a photo album to show Paul some pics of me when I was a little girl. It made me realize that Taco resembles me. 

I appeared to be team no smile for posed photography

What do you think? 

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday - the boys slept until 7 again and I fit in a hot, sweaty run. Then it was more family and beach time. I was able to lay down and read/snooze for a bit during Taco’s nap which was lovely. 

We hit the road just before 9 on Monday morning after saying goodbye to everyone! 

Hugging cousin Maddy.

Traffic was light which was a wonderful surprise! 

This is a big week as Paul starts Kindergarten on Thursday. Phil and I have busy days at work so my MIL is watching Paul for the next 2 days. My new hire starts today so it’s a big week, but a routine is in sight for us!

How was your weekend?


Elisabeth said...

What a lovely weekend! I love snuggling babies...and handing them back. JUST this morning I was thinking: "I'm so glad my kids aren't toddlers anymore." The stage had many wonderful moments, but I'm glad I'm through that time!!! That said, I do get all the feels when I snuggle babies <3

It's so nice to end the summer on a relaxing, family-centric note. Hope the week ahead goes smoothly for everyone and congrats on the new hire! I hope this relieves some pressure. I know the onboarding process can be tiring and intense, so hoping that goes smoothly, too <3

Nicole said...

Those photos of little Lisa are so cute!
And new baby! How very exciting for your family.
This sounds like a lovely long weekend to kick off such a busy week. Good luck with it all!

Sarah said...

You were such a cute baby, and I see both of your kids in your toddler pics! Lovely little niece, and what a fun family weekend.

NGS said...

What a lovely weekend. Beach! Baby! Sleeping in! I hope that school starting gives you a bit of routine and an easier time.

coco said...

really relaxing and lovely weekend you had. I love seeing babies. It makes me miss my kids' babyhood but it's so fun to play with others' babies without having to change diapers again.
you and Paul look so much alike!!! it's amazing, right?

Amber said...

Oh my gosh Taco looks SOOO much like you! I actually wouldn't have guessed that but when you share your childhood photos wow is it ever obvious.

Your parents have such a great place! So fun and lucky that your boys will get to grow up going there every summer and making amazing memories with their cousins and grandparents!

Stephany said...

OMG, you and Taco are IDENTICAL. I love that you are both not up for smiling in photos. Ha! Like mother, like son!

I'm glad you got to have a few fun-filled days at the lake and witness Millie's baptism. (Maddy and Millie - I can't get over those names. How cute!!)

Mom of Children said...

Wonderful weekend!!! Your niece is delicious, I love her face expression where you are holding her!!

San said...

I always love when you share the family time at the lake. I wish we had something like that with Jon's family here but we don't :(

Taco really does look like you in your childhood pictures. Thanks for sharing this comparison :) So neat!

Anne said...

What a wonderful family weekend! I love how much time you had with your family, that the kids apparently played til they were exhausted (yay for sleeping til 7, for sure!), and that you were able to get in some much-needed rest. Hope that the transition is going well...