Monday, April 1, 2024

Easter weekend

Our long weekend was really nice all in all. I had been fighting a cold all week so the quiet day at home was just what I needed on Friday. Phil and I got take out poke bowls for lunch rather than eating out. I took a long nap and finished ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ on Apple. I really liked it even though they took some liberties with the adaptation. 

I slept almost 10 hours on Friday night as Taco magically did not yell for me from his crib before I woke on my own around 7:20. I slept so hard that night - and had the craziest dreams so Phil had to put up with lots of sleep talk and such. I shouldn’t have needed 10 hours of sleep considering I napped the day before but I did. 

I am not sure why I am so very tired lately - maybe my iron levels are low (I have a history of anemia), maybe it’s my RA (I have a flare right now in my right hand so I know my RA isn’t under super great control), or maybe it’s the pace of life with hectic work days and regular work travel? Or having young kids when I am not in fact ‘a young parent’? It’s probably a combination of the above but wow I am wishing I was one of those people that had lower sleep needs. 

Saturday morning featured a library visit. Paul quietly read a book, Taco, um, was a bit more boisterous.

After a failed attempt at a nap for Taco, we went to my MIL’s for an early Easter celebration. Long term readers might recall that Oscar the cat now lives there pretty much full time as she’s not big on kids… She would never do anything to them but she is happiest in a quiet, peaceful environment. It was good to see her. 

The boys both got to do their own egg hunt in Nana’s basement. 

Taco of course got some Mickey toys!

There were some moments of quiet and peace…

But mostly it’s was very wild and loud so we left shortly after dinner. 

Sunday was a quieter day. The boys were happy with their Easter baskets but I failed to get any pictures of them digging through the goodies. Paul and I met another family on our block at church. There was an Easter egg hunt after church which Paul loved! Phil and Taco went on a long stroller walk while we were at church.

Taco took an extra long nap that afternoon (which I napped during), we FaceTimed with my parents and just kind of puttered around the house. It was very loud at times but such is life with a 3 and 6yo! I made ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus for dinner - the boys would only eat the ham but at least they ate something!

We ended the night by playing with the new game Paul got from the Easter Bunny - Gobblet Gobblers.

Paul has the best body language/expressions when playing a game!

Phil and I both have a busy week of work - and then we head to Destin, FL with my parents next Sunday! We are very excited for the getaway. I just need to get through this busy week… although I might have to take my laptop on the trip because the coworker I thought would be around to help my new hire in my absence is also going to be gone all week. She said she can log in to help him as needed. But I feel bad stranding the new guy as a lot of quart-end stuff needs to get done while I am gone. It’s not an ideal week for me to be gone but it seems like there are no ideal weeks so I will just hope all goes ok, and probably have my laptop along as an insurance plan.

How was your weekend? When you take a vacation, can you fully disconnect from work? I try to but it’s hard to disconnect when gone for a longer trip like this. 


Taya @ TayaRunsandReads said...

Holiday weekends are sooooo much more more loud with littles. It’s so fun to see their excitement, but goodness do I need a nap when they’re done. Our kiddos have given up napping and still are terrible sleepers so it’s tough. Hope you have a great time in Florida! We are headed there at the end of the month!

Nicole said...

Lisa, I have to tell you, when I read about your busy life - work, travel, little kids - *I* need ten hours of sleep! I am so glad you got the rest you need. There is nothing like a solid ten hours to make a person feel like a human again! I am your Sleep Cheerleader!
Your Easter sounds so fun. I loved the festivities with little kids! I hope your week ahead isn't too crazy - I bet you're really looking forward to your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Aly said...

Happy Easter! We, too, had an Easter egg hunt in grandma's basement. Basement surroundings looks identical. :) Have a great week!

NGS said...

As soon as I put my away message on my email, I completely check out. LOL. I'm sort of a terrible employee.

I feel like I could honestly sleep for 24 hours in a row right now and I'm 100% blaming it on the endless winter that has led to the worst spring I can ever remember. It's always cloudy or rainy and Easter is so early this year that there's nothing to even look forward to and I think all of us in northern climates are just plain worn out. So, maybe, yes, it's the RA and the anemia and all the rest. But can I get a what what for wanting to see the sun?

Elisabeth said...

That reading picture is the best! I'm glad you fit in some naps and it really does get less physically exhausting as they get older. I promise!! But sorry you're so drained. I find when I'm physically drained I start to feel emotionally drained too. Wishing you a great vacation with some white space and that the kids sleep in the whole time!!!

J said...

I loved Lessons in Chemistry, I thought they did a great job. I'm glad that they fleshed out Harriet's story line, even though that isn't in the book at all. But I thought it fit in well and I liked it.

I'm glad you got some much needed sleep, and I hope your flair calms down before your trip to FL. <3

coco said...

sorry to hear you are not feeling well. It must be the combination of work, stress, managing life, etc. We don't have helper for few days and I am exhausted already. Loads of laundry to wash and fold, never ending plates to wash (no dish washer), and the overall messiness of the house makes me feel that I can't sit for one minutes. Fortunately this is once of year occasion and it reminds me how fortunately we are not having to deal with chores in a regular basis.
Sleep is the best medicine, so get as much as you can, put the ear plugs so you don't hear the boys? I don't sleep without ti anymore. it's life changing.

Jenny said...

Wow, ten hours of sleep- I'm jealous. You probably needed it for all the reasons you listed, plus, you mentioned you were fighting a cold all week. You need a vacation!!! I hope you don't have to work TOO much during your trip.
Sounds like Paul and Taco had a nice Easter. Why are egg hunts so fun? I STILL hide easter eggs for my kids, and they still like it.
I'm excited for your trip to Florida (even though I won't be seeing you.) I feel personally responsible for our weather next week- it should be beautiful!

Grateful Kae said...

Eek, so excited for you to get away to some sun and fun in Florida! Your RA flare sounds rough. :( It probably is a combo of things, but all the travel you've done HAS to be wearing you down some I would think. We had more mild weather in Tennessee which was sooo nice, even though it wasn't "warm warm". It's very annoying to be home now with winter weather warnings for tomorrow. I'm always so over it all by this time of year. If winter could just remain limited to December, January and February, I'd be fine. But the dragging on temps in 30s-40s into April and beyond kills me.

Sounds like all in all a really nice low key Easter though! We completely glossed over Easter this year, which I'm honestly fine with. I've blogged about this before, but it's just not my favorite holiday. I love the religious aspect and meaning, but besides that, I'm just never into it anymore. I guess I liked it as a kid, but we don't have any big traditions nowadays and it alwasy feels sort of forced now. Ivan doesn't care much about it as they never did much in terms of big family celebrations for Easter, so I always feel like I'm trying to rally people to care about it, but deep down, I don't really either. lol! This year was the first year I didn't even do baskets or anything for the boys. We literally sat in the car for 11+ hours as we drove home from the Smokies. I feel a little bad about it, but they didn't even mention it, so I think I'm ok. ;) Usually I do still get baskets, but so often it's a bunch of candy they don't even really need/want that much anymore (they seriously still have Halloween candy in their rooms!). Or random little gift cards, etc. I used to do all the spring things like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc when younger and that was fun. But now I guess we're maybe just done with Easter baskets!!

Stephany said...

I am really glad to hear you were able to get a lot of good sleep! It sounds like you need it. Dealing with a chronic autoimmune condition is no joke, and getting lots of sleep is as important as taking your meds! So I hope you aren't too hard on yourself for needing a lot of sleep. Plus, you have a super demanding job AND two young kids so I think even without the autoimmune condition you'd need some sleep!

Yay for vacation! I am someone who completely checks out when I'm on vacation. But it's easier to do that in my world because I can rely on other managers to help out.

Jeanie said...

You Easter weekend looks wonderful and I'll bet it was good to see Oscar who is so beautiful! Looks like the boys had a great time. I hope you can get some good rest during this busy week. Maybe it's "all of the above." I always had some connection with work when I was away. I don't know how people completely detach but I think they should! I'm glad you have a week in FL -- better weather, back up for parenting with your mom and dad, too. Have a great week!

Ernie said...

Easter weekend was busy, because we'd just gotten home from Florida, I had two college kids arrive home, and I was hosting for Easter. Eek. Thus, I'm still getting caught up on blogs.

I CAN disconnect from work while away, because I babysit in my house. Hey, there aren't many advantages to running an in-home daycare, but starting my crockpot, doing laundry, and disconnecting when everyone is on spring break are a few.

I hope you have a great time in Florida and that the new hire doesn't need much guidance.

Mom of Children said...

glad you you some sleep! 10 hours is great. y anxious personality won't let me sleep for that long. I still checked my email when in Paris but mostly just deleted the emails so that I am not overwhelmed when I come back. Again, anxious personality. Easter was very quiet in Paris with many places closed. I was going to buy the kids some chocolate eggs and forgot. We ate so much sugar already I don't think they missed the extra chocolate. That kitty reminds me of my kitty- "no kids, please" lol