Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!!

With paper-writing that is. I still have 5 weeks of classes, one midterm (which should technically be called a 3/4-term since it falls on week 10 of 14, but whatevs), and a bunch of Derivatives homework.

But the paper re-writes, which have been weighing on me, are done. I cranked out both papers today, so it's been a long day. But it's finished. I will NEVER write an academic paper again. Ever. Alleluia. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a bottle of $3 buck chuck when I was at Trader Joe's today, so I could pour myself a glass of wine and toast to being done with these damn papers. But the toasting will have to wait. Plus, it's not good to drink alone, right?

My mood has improved about 1,000-fold. Seriously. The finish line is in sight. Grad school is nearly a thing of the past. Amen. Now I can start focusing on figuring out a restaurant to go to for my Graduation Luncheon. I'll walk through on May 18th, which is 7 weeks from Monday. How lame is it that my graduation is on a Monday morning? Luckily my parents are going to come and my awesome aunt & uncle, Barb and Paul, might come too, so I'll have some fans in the audience.

Finishing this degree has been WAY more challenging than my undergrad degree. I will say that my Math Degree was more academically challenging than my MBA, but working full time and doing school part-time has made this degree tougher & more rewarding than my undergrad degree. So to reward myself, I am throwing a big party at my parents' cabin. My brother is going to bbq something amazing (he's uber talented in that department), and I am going to serve a fun drink - maybe a margarita or mojito?

Oy, I can't wait. I just hope it has warmed up by then! If I had been in a coma and woke up this week - I would have told you it's November, not March... here's hoping spring is on the horizon!


Amber said...

Great work! That must be an amazing feeling!! I can't imagine trying to work full-time and do school. You TOTALLY deserve a great party. I think you should serve Mojito's AND margarita's!!

qwerkyqook said...

woohoo! the end is in sight. And better yet: both mojitos and margaritas are gluten free :)

Unknown said...

I had no idea your dad watched soap operas and that is where your parents got your name. Wonders never cease to is going to take me some time to get my head around this one!!! What a hoot!!!!