Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?
Definitely my bed. I really do not spend much time in it, but I love it. I felt like such an adult when I bought it back in 2007! Before that I was sleeping on hand-me-down beds from my parents! The bed has the most fabulously comfortable mattress and I love the look of the head & foot board!

2. If it was raining so hard on a Saturday that you couldn’t leave your house, what would you spend the day doing?
I would read all day while sipping on fresh brewed coffee.

3. What was your favorite candy as a child?
Candy cigarettes. I don't think they make them anymore, though. I think people worried it might encourage smoking... which does make sense.... However, my sister Abby & I loved them and neither of us have ever or would ever smoke. They sort of tasted like marshmallows. Mmm. They were so dang good.

4. Did you get an allowance? What was it based on? What did you do with it?
I didn't and I am ok with it - I probably won't give my kids an allowance either.

I don't think my parents wanted us to think we had to be paid to do chores - it was just part of being a contributing member of the household. When we were older and started mowing lawns, I would get paid to mow the lawn of the 4 plex they owned, so that was sort of like an allowance. Plus it's not like I was deprieved as a child - if I really wanted or needed something, my mom would purchase it for me if it was a reasonable request.

5. Do you have a favorite Etsy store?
I love the photography on Irene Suchocki's shop. 3 of her Paris prints hang above my bed, and I have another one on an adjacent wall. I just adore her work.

6. Do you prefer time with family or time with friends?
That is a really difficult choice because I love my family and I love my friends. My time with them are completely different as we discuss different topics and do different things together. If I was truly forced to choose, I would choose my family. Family always comes first in my life. And luckily, I consider my parents, siblings, and in-laws as friends.

7. Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, or Animaniacs?
None of the above... Confession: I did not like cartoons as a child. I do not remember watching them - I just wasn't interested in them! My mom kept us busy with other things like puzzles and work books and things like that.

8. Best daytime talk show: Oprah, Ellen, The Doctors, Tyra (ha!), Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil?
Hmm, do I have to choose on this one too? I don't ever watch day time television - even if I happen to be home. It's just not something I care for. So I will have to say none of the above again.

9. Would you rather have the power of invisibility or the ability to fly?
Definitely the inability to fly! I think the power of invisibility is tempting because you could be a total voyeur... but - you can't do anything with the information you would obtain because no one would know you were privy to conversations, etc. So it would just let it fester and obsess over it and it just wouldn't be fun.

10. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult.
Traveling! I love that I get to plan my own vacations and go wherever my little heart desires! The freedom to travel is a fabulous thing!


J said...

Your bed sure does look comfy! I love the comforter and color!

Charbelle said...

I love your bed so pretty!! I've had my bed since I was 9. It came over the mountains from Nashville. It was my Grandmother's bedroom set that she purchased before she married my Grandaddy.
I'm with you about TV I don't have time unless I'm moving around and turn on a DVD for background noise. Your rainy Saturday is totally my rainy Saturday!! (well provided I'm not working :))

Emily Jane said...

Pretty bed!! It looks so cosy :)
I didn't get an allowance from my parents either, but my Nan always gave my brother and I one pound each week. She still puts them in our piggy banks even though we've been gone for a decade!! :)

Mandy said...

I would most definitely hunker down with a book and some coffee or tea to read as well on a rainy Saturday.

Gracie said...

I like the questions, "The best thing about being an adult". Everyone always complains about being grown up, but ...remember how much you used to hate being a kid?! LOl. I have to say control over my food choices is number one for me. We were a strict no-snacks household growing up and my mother is a terrible cook!

Nora said...

the last cartoons I liked: Might Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake & Care Bears. That tells you how long ago that was and just how much I didn't care for cartoons either!

Becky said...

Can I come over and take a nap on your bed? :)

Cherry Blossoms said...

Loved candy cigarettes as well.

Abby said...

Mmmm candy cigarettes! They may have substituted some form of addiction. Just not for tobacco. Because, you have spurred a craving ;)

I love your bed! That bedspread is gorgeous!!! Where did you get it?

I am right with you on paying your kids for work (allowance). I actually did a paper on "Rearing your Children & Teaching Finances" during my Ped's rotation.

Chelsea said...

My parents gave us an allowance whether we did chores or not. They taught us that 10% goes to the church and 10% goes to savings EVERY time you get paid, no matter what. The rest was our own. It definitely taught me money management skills and I'm thankful for the tithe/saving lesson as well!

megabrooke said...

i love my bed too!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I also loved candy cigs!

Autumn said...

I also loved candy cigs! And you can still find them at some candy stores or "old fashioned" general stores!
PS... Not a smoker either, so I guess they didn't "damage" me!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

AH, the freedom to travel. I need to plan a trip pronto. Getting antsy over here to just go somewhere!

Lisa-Marie said...

Lisa, your bed (and linen, and that lamp actually) is gorgeous! Want! Also, I spend many rainy Saturdays drinking tea and reading(but your probably know that already)!

Ashley said...

Ooh thanks for the link to the etsy store. I love it!

Angela said...

Looove your Paris prints! They would fit so perfectly in my apartment. I'll definitely be checking out the link.

Kelly said...

I totally agree with you about cartoons- NEVER liked them as a kid...didn't get the point! haha.

I do like daytime talk shows though, even though I'm never home to watch them haha. When I'm sick I like watching them though :)

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on the rainy Saturday...books and hot tea.

Moll said...

Oh man, does that mean I am just sneaky little kid at heart? I would totally go for the invisibility one! Think of the stock tips you could get or the writing rooms you could eavesdrop on!

Leigh said...

I agree with your choice of favourite piece of furniture...even though we don't have a headboard/footboard for our new bed yet, getting a king sized bed was the best idea ever!!

I never used to like the Ellen show, but now I find it so hilarious! She finds and comes up with the most random yet hilarious things!

crystal said...

Yum, candy cigarettes! They really were a pretty stupid idea though huh?! But tasty! :)

Amber said...

Omg, candy cigarettes! I'd totally forgotten about those - they were SO good weren't they!?

And I must say, your bed looks incredibly comfy!!