Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.What is your current favorite television show?
Right now it’s Top Chef. I follow recipes religiously so I am amazed by these talented chefs who can come up with delectable dishes on the fly.

When fall rolls around, my favorite show is most definitely Parenthood. Oh how I heart Adam Braverman. He makes my heart go pitter-patter and sometimes I clap/squeal when I watch that show...

2. Apple juice or orange juice?
Not crazy about either but if I had to choose, I'd say PULP FREE Orange Juice. Ish, I hate pulpy orange juice. It makes me want to gag!

3. It’s Shark Week on Discover Channel. Do you watch? Why or why not?
No, I didn’t. I didn’t even know it was on… I don't really watch much on the discover channel... Don't judge...

4. What are the non-blog websites that you visit regularly?
www.goodreads.com - if you love to read and like to keep track of what you have read, are currently reading, or would like to read, I highly recommend this sight!


5. What is your favorite way to prepare green beans? Asparagus? Potatoes? Carrots?
Green Beans – I tend to just boil them
Asparagus – Grilled! My condo association bans grills, though, so I usually saute it with some olive oil and garlic
Potatoes – I prefer baked potatoes. Or, if I could have a grill, I'd chopped them up, make foil packets, and throw them on a grill...
Carrots – I like them boiled with a little bit of butter and brown sugar

6. What is your favorite flower?
It’s a toss-up between peonies and hydrangeas. But really, I love any flower! I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve received flowers, so I will take when I can get!

7. How do you feel about handkerchiefs?
I like the idea of them… but not sure I could actually get behind actually using them… Exception being on your wedding day when they are a must in my opinion... Well, if you are a cryer like I sort of am...

8. If you could only shop at 3 stores for the rest of your life, what would they be? (You probably should include a grocery store.)
Grocery store = Lunds
Target because they have everything
Anthropologie because I la la love their clothes. Of course this assumes that I have an unlimited budget… Their clothes are a BIT pricey so this is sort of a ‘dream’ 3rd store

9. If you could only use wine for one purpose for the rest of your life, which would you choose? To cook with or to drink?
Definitely to drink!

10. What’s your bedtime?
I usually go to bed around 10 and read for 30 minutes.


Abby said...

Thanks for the tip on the book website! I will have to check that out one of these days :)

I like my OJ so pulpy you can chew it ;)

So there's one thing we are very opposite about!

Ally said...

Yay for goodreads!

And I'm impressed with your bedtime! I've been happy with getting to sleep by 11:30 lately, but 10:45 is the dream :)

abbi said...

I'm with you on pulpy OJ...yuck!

I'maNolaGirl said...

I love Adam Braverman too! Parenthood is such an amazing show!

Emily Jane said...

Hooray for Goodreads! I love it :) And I mailed your Paris CD this weekend!

Becky said...

Ahh! I squealed when I saw the word Parenthood! (And I hate pulp-y orange juice too!)

Jess said...

You're like my sister with the pulpy orange juice - she can't even look at the stuff. I've always been a fan though. Can't really say why!!

My grandma always made her carrots with a little bit of brown sugar, which I haven't had in forever and just the thought of it made me miss her.

Nora said...

Oh, Parenthood. I can't wait for the show to come out on DVD so I can buy it swoon at Adam Braverman all over again before the 2nd season starts =)

I do not like pulpy OJ either. It is super gross.

Your comment on the use of wine cracked me up! And I agree, it's best for drinking.

Leigh said...

I hate orange juice with pulp in it too! Makes me gag everytime.

My bed time is similar...I usually get into bed around 10-10:30 and read for a bit. I love sleep!

Unknown said...

Top Chef!!! Going to goodreads right now.

Amber said...

I have SO many websites I visit on a daily basis both for work and fun! Ha! It really is the digital age. I actually think it's around 10 sites!

The other night we went to the LATE movie and I was SO EXHAUSTED because I'm used to going to bed around 10 :)

Marlys said...

I love cooking shows, too! Yesterday during my lunch hour, I watched Barefoot Contessa and she did a french meal - interesting as they eat their salad after the main course! There were about 4 courses, I believe, and I thought about you when I watched it!

Chelsea said...

I like the chew my OJ... otherwise it's not worth it!

meents said...

shark week gives me nightmares!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Hahaha, I just got to you in my Google Reader... some of our answers are pretty similiar! Another reason I think we would get along GREAT in person! ;)

Gracie said...

Well, I might be odd, but I love pulp in my OJ. In fact I have an insulin release problem and sometime end up with low blood sugar. Oddly, all I crave is pulpy OJ! It's my clue that my glucose is crashing!

Debbie said...

hydrangeas are awesome!!! i cant do super pulpy Oj either. it's unnatural.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Really who would chose wine to cook with! C'mon!!!
I love good reads too :)

You can add to your list of reasons why its great to be single, the fact that you didn't know it was shark week. Eric has literally had it on whenever he is home (and not painting the hall which he did today without it on haha). In fact, it is on right now. They are talking about the debate between sharks as victim and sharks as killer. FABULOUS.

Mandy said...

I cannot wait for Parenthood to come back. And I'm with you on the oj. Pulp is nasty.

Charbelle said...

Hydrangea are my favorite flower!! I saw so many yesterday on campus at App and they were all so beautiful!!
Your 3 stores made me smile!!
Would a George Foreman grill be a way to grill asparagus? I'm with you I love grilled veggies!!

Stephany said...

YES, YES, YES! Pulp-free OJ is a MUST!

Also? Major fan of Parenthood. That show is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Okay, not I feel even worse about what happened that day now that I know it's a favorite dress! I hope it was saved and you think of how much Odin loves you (odd way of showing it I know)when you where that dress! Will you be at the lakes Friday night? - going to twins game this weekend so that would be the only time that works. to get together.
-julie anne