Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Currently: September Edition

Wow, it's the last week of September - that is nuts!!  Here's what is currently on my mind!

Reading:  10% Happier by Dan Harris which is a book about taming the not-so-positive voice in your head and managing stress.  I just started it 2 days ago so am not very far but I've heard good things about it!  After I finish this, I'll be done with the Read Harder Challenge!

Loving: the beautiful fall weather we have had lately!  It's been cool at night and warm and sunny during the day!

Thinking:  about the marathon.  Obsessively.

Frustrated: by nothing notable these days actually!  Life is good!  

Feeling:  extra tired these days which I am attributing to marathon training/tapering.  I'm decreasing my mileage so I should feel less tired but that has not been the case lately.  It's almost like all the exhaustion of the past 16+ weeks of training is catching up with me.

Anticipating:  a lot of fun things in October!  There are too many to list out here so I'll be doing a looking forward post later this week!

Watching: very little TV these days.  I have this thing where I feel really guilty if I watch TV as it seems like a 'wasteful' way of spending my time...  Not that I judge others that watch TV (to each their own!), it's just not a way I choose to spend my time typically.

Sad:  that summer went by so quickly.  I know I packed a lot into the summer months but there are still things I didn't do that I wish I had, like go to the lake more!

Working: on re-building my fall/winter wardrobe after doing lots of purging over the past year.

Grateful: that I am really liking my new job!  The people I work with are great and the work is interesting and challenging!

Listening: to lots of podcasts, as usual.  My favorites these days are Starr Struck Radio, Get Booked, Book Riot, and Books on the Nightstand.

Wishing: that the beautiful fall weather we've been having would stick around for several months!!

What are you currently reading, frustrated by and grateful for?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Well there are some of these that I am really happy to see.... your "frustrated" is blank, which is fabulous! I remember a time when this would involve work stuff, RA stuff, etc and I am so, SO glad that you have nothing to report in this category! I think the "feeling" category is pretty much par for the course; you have not only been going, going, going for life and marathon training for the last 16 weeks, but now you are not getting your daily adrenaline high!! Just enjoy it (if you can) and maybe take advantage by getting some sleep (??) I totally agree with your "watching" category, as I would much rather read a book, and there are a ton of chores/errands to do and people to see/call/write, and running, and....yeah, TV is last on the list for sure!

I can't wait to see your Looking Forward post! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Charis Faith said...

I think it's a good thing the taper period is as long as it is, this gives you the time you need to rest!

I don't watch TV although mom and dad often have it on. Mom LOVES DWTS so I get sucked in every once in a while.

I used to read light easy reading every book but over the past few years I've definitely started reading some more in depth choices. Some of them take me a really long time to get through b/c I have to focus.

It's time for you to hit up Banana, you always find good stuff there!

Jeanie said...

A great list!

Reading -- All the Light We Cannot See. I'm not very far into it but so far like it very much.

Frustrated that my lower back pain, which was doing so well, seems to be settling in this week and is very uncomfy. Stretching, heat, cold, advil -- nothing much seems to be helping.

Grateful that it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend and yes, I'm headed back to the lake!

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Marlys said...

I agree that you didn't get to spend enough time at the lake this summer! We have to improve that next year! And I am super happy that you like your new job and all seems well! Soon the marathon will be behind you and you can focus on all the great things coming up in October!
I am reading the second book in that series we started on our trip back from Charlotte and can see why your Grandma read all five in two months time! I wish I remembered the story better as some of the characters are a bit foggy, but the story is still good.
I, like you, rarely watch tv except in the morning when I am getting ready for work. I never watch the 3 main stations, CBS, ABC & NBC, so am thankful for our Dish.
I am excited for the 1st Symphony series on Saturday night in Fargo, and we have to go to a wedding first, so it will be a good day.
I am thinking about all the fall work I have to get done in October amid all the plans to be out of town, so hope I accomplish them! I have to make a list and cross off each one as I go so that is my rutter!

missris said...

I'm also sad that summer seemed to go by so quickly. I did a lot of fun things but there is stuff I didn't have time to do this year, and now it's already fall!

Nora said...

Reading: nothing! I just finished a book and have yet to pick up another one. I'll probably grab Hard Eight by janet Evanovich because it's due back at the library next week and I'm in the mood for a mystery.

Frustrated: I'm working from home today and OF COURSE my email is being wonky. Figures.

Grateful: that my brother is home this week and for a flexible work schedule allowance, so I can spend more time with him.

Anonymous said...

Summer did go by quickly, didn't it? Now I am off to read up on what you've been up to (bad blogger alert!) before you start posting about all of the fun you'll be having in October!

Unknown said...

I've worked weekends so much the past few years that I never feel like I get to enjoy the summers like other people. Hopefully this was the last summer of working on the weekends! ::crosses fingers::

Stephany said...

It makes me oh-so-happy to see that you are loving your new job! I know how frustrating work has been for you for the past few years and it warms my heart that this move was, 100%, the right decision. YAY!

I am currently reading Brown Girl Dreaming, frustrated by my stuffed-up nose that doesn't seem to be caused by ANYTHING but is keeping me up at night, and grateful kind friends who let me vent all over them during difficult times. :)

Jenny said...

So glad the job and the taper is going well :)

As well as my books, I've been reading lots of recipe websites to get ideas for pressure cooking and slow cooking and then experimenting. I've been a little frustrated at my tiredness (from after the race) so I've been allowing myself more downtime this week and catching up on TV shows. I may not be the fittest, the fastest or the strongest but I am very grateful for a body that allows me the opportunity to try :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Ooooh, lots of fun things in October!! That's great! I'm not reading anything, I'm frustrated that my mom's care home is not meeting her needs, and I'm grateful that we got to snuggle our newest niece yesterday. She's perfection :-)

Leigh said...

It's been super chilly in the mornings here (I've been walking with Harley and Amelia around 8am, so we have to bundle up), but then super nice in the afternoons. I'll take it over snow any day! I'm reading The Good's pretty good so far

katielookingforward said...

I have netflix on in the background a lot, but i rarely sit down and fully watch tv. I did catch The Muppets on Tuesday, which was pretty darn funny!

Caroline said...

I'm sad the summer went by so quickly, too! I've been loving the slightly cooler temps and beautiful weather this September but I can't help but think about what's coming.. :/ So so glad you're liking the new job!! YAY!

Abby said...

reading, frustrated by and grateful

I know that feeling of near obsession about an upcoming race! YOu have SUCH a strong base, though! You're going to do amazing! Thinking of you and sending positive vibes!

A little envious of your nice weather - soak it up!!

I am in between books - can't get into anything!
Frustrated about some work stuff.
Grateful for all the fun opportunities for travel!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is such a positive post! I'm glad that you love your new job. Every transition is kind of uncertain and even stressful. So, it's always great to hear when they turn out to be a good decision.

I'm reading "The Dark Road" by Ma Jian. I'm frustrated by all the rain we have this fall and some office crap. And I'm definitely grateful for my husband's recovery.

Amber said...

I am still trying to finish reading that indie press book I bought when you were here! The plot is kind of slow moving. I am watching lots of Parenthood and Eric and I just started watching Outlander last night too which is based on a book series I loved, we only got 2 episodes into it but so far it's pretty good. I definitely watch more TV in the fall than I do in the summertime as I prefer cozy nights in on the couch during the fall months!

Hope you had a great last "long" run this morning!!