Thursday, April 27, 2017

Currently: April Edition

Time marches on! It's the last week of April - say what?  Here's what's currently going on in my world!

Reading:  The Mothers by Brit Bennett. I was on the hold list at the library for this for the longest time and it finally became available. Others have raved about this book and I can completely see why. Part of me wants to read it quickly because it's so good; the other part of me wants to savor it because it's so good.  The writing is phenomenal - check it out!

Loving: wearing some new springy clothing. I was SO over my winter wardrobe in February/March. It's been fun to wear lighter, brighter layers. And I've been able to wear fitted/skinny cropped pants which is my favorite kind of bottom to wear!

Cropped pants from Banana with a new top from Banana.  It's hard to tell in this photo but the top has a fun ruffle at the bottom and at the end of the sleeves.

Another pair of cropped pants from Banana with a bright top from Banana.
I bought some pants at a Loft 40% off sale. They are the same color as the top in the photo above. I love vibrant, bright-colored pants!
Struggling:  with another RA flare. 😖 I flared the first week of April and it came back on Tuesday night with a vengeance. I wasn't able to type without being in pain as it impacted my fingers in my right hand so I stayed home yesterday. My doctor upped my steroid dose and prescribed a non-habit-forming sleep aide as the low dose of steroids I've been taking has wreaked havoc on my sleep. I'm on the struggle bus right now regarding my RA as this is my 4th flare in 6 months, which is a lot compared to what I experienced the last couple of years. The increase in flares is likely related to changing meds during the last 5 months of last year in preparation for being able to start a family (one of the drugs I was on was very toxic so not safe for conception - I had to go off it by December so we could start trying in June). I'll go back to see my doctor after my honeymoon and hopefully she can come up with a different treatment program.  Luckily, I had the best nurse to take care of me yesterday. Oscar is so good about giving me extra cuddles when I don't feel well/am in pain.

She looks so long in that top photo, but she loves to streeeeeetch out when sleeping on our laps!

Feeling: so very grateful and excited. Those of you who have read this blog for years know that I've patiently waited for the right man to come into my life. In my 30s I had gotten to a point where I was OK with a life that might not include marriage and children - but I still hoped for those things to be part of my life. Phil was worth the wait. Our story is not a fairy tale.  There were challenges (my cross-country move, the loss of his dad, career challenges) that we had to work through. But all the difficult things we've dealt with has made me all the more excited and grateful for the life ahead of us. I'm sure we will have mountains and valleys ahead of us in our married lives, but I know our relationship is strong enough to endure the test of time!

Thinking: about alllll the to do lists and spreadsheets I have to track wedding tasks.  I'm super organized so feel like planning a wedding is kind of in my wheelhouse, but it's still so much work!

Anticipating: my "Girls Gone Mild" bachelorette party on May 6th! I haven't ever been a bar person so when it came time to plan my bachelorette party, I didn't want to go to the bars. Instead, my sister and good friend are hosting it at my house. We'll eat Mexican food, drink wine, and play word-themed board games. It's going to be such a fun night!

Watching: movies on the weekends with Phil. I'm not a big tv watcher but we try to find something to watch each weekend as I can't multi-task when watching a movie so it forces me to just relax.
The best movie we watched recently was A Street Cat Named Bob.  This is a must-watch for any cat lover!!!!  And it's based on a true story!

Working: on a huge project at work. My boss made me the lead person on a project to improve/expand one of our product offerings. It's the perfect project for me as it allows me to draw from experience at my last 2 jobs and it's the kind of work that I love most. But it's been a huge undertaking and I've been busier than I've ever been!  We've already captured some new business as a result of the project and there is lots of potential for future business so it's great for my company and my career. It's just been a little bit challenging to be so busy at work and in my personal life and to balance traveling with planning a wedding.  I thought my last trip to Chicago for work was my last one but it looks like I'll be going back one more time in May. Luckily it's just a day trip but those are extra exhausting! I just keep telling myself to focus on the fact that I have almost 3 weeks off from work for the wedding + honeymoon! I'm trying not to think about what will happen while I am gone from work or what I will come back to in June... 

Grateful:  for my amazing family and friends. They have made me feel so very special and loved and have spent so much time and money on my bridal showers which were beautiful events!

to our wedding playlists!  I made a playlist for dinner and one for after dinner.  I am really passionate about music and own many many albums. It was fun to build playlists for our wedding reception!

Wishing: for beautiful weather on our wedding day. We are getting married along the riverfront of downtown Minneapolis so it will be a gorgeous backdrop for pictures. I'm just crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain!!!

What are you loving, listening to and wishing for these days?


Charbelle said...

I can't imagine being busier than ever at work, and that's amazing, but trying to juggle that with planning your wedding, EEKS!!!! That's awesome that you are already seeing results from the project! Pretty much if you can do this you can do anything #wonderwoman

Love the outfits, you look fabulous!!!!

Oscar is probably like Jack, they figure if they stretch out to the furthest extent possible we won't get up ;)

They do say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so if there is to be any rain I'll pray it's super early in the morning and gone by the time we all wake up!

Big hugs!!!

Marlys said...

Curse that RA flareup as you don't need it at this time in your life! It sounds like you are super busy at work & home, so having pain free days is crucial.
You know I have you in prayer and hope the medication increase will help and the sleep aid!
I bet it felt cozy warm to have Oscar on your lap yesterday. Animals can be great therapy.
I love your new clothes and I, too, am sick of winter clothing but back in them again this week as we got snow yesterday and it is still here today! Blah!

katielookingforward said...

Ugh, what a bummer about the flare. I'm glad you've got a good team taking care of you!

Jeanie said...

It's hard to be handling a new and very big professional assignment when you are in the midst of wedding preps and not up to par with the RA. I'm so sorry this is happening for you. Wise to stop the one drug for future planning but still so difficult when you don't feel well. I'm glad you liked the nurse and hope the give you a modified treatment plan.

I'm in the new clothes mode too! I discovered my neighbor is a LulaRoe distributor which was a bad thing to discover!

I remember the meeting Phil/separating for the move/breaking up/getting back together. You've weathered a lot and stronger for it. All the best signs for a wonderful forever relationship!

San said...

Ugh, I am sorry about the RA flare. I hope it gets taken care of fast... ain't nobody got time for that!

So excited for your wedding and the life you're going to build with Phil! :)
The two blouses at the top look great on you! :)

Carolina John said...

Love the "looks" there beautiful! And really glad all of the wedding planning is coming together. It is very stressful to have work stuff pile up on top of all of that, and I bet stress is related to the RA flare.

Stephany said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your love story with Phil gives this chronically single girl hope for her future! I am trying to become okay with the fact that it may not ever happen for me - and my life is perfectly fine without a partner! - but it is something I still desperately wish for, so I hope it happens for me someday. I can't wait to see all the pictures from your wedding! You are going to make a beautiful bride. <3 (And you will have well-earned some time off in HAWAII!!)

I'm currently loving the beautiful weather we're getting lately, listening to every single podcast that Crooked Media puts out, and wishing for the next week to fly by (Puerto Rico is a week from today!)

Abby said...

I am in love w/ cropped pants, too!! They are so versatile. You wear them so well, too!

Phil was definitely worth the wait. I am so happy for you. And yes - you two have definitely been through some difficult "seasons" as a couple, which make you so much stronger. (Love that season analogy from that podcast you sent me!!). And, as I'm sure you can attest, I have learned in our almost 8 years of marriage that every "difficult season" you overcome in a relationship - you find even more joy in your life moving forward!

I am glad that your pain is subsiding now, and hoping that this is all behind you now - so you can be pain free and just get to focus on the wedding, work project, and time!

When I think back to the weeks leading up to my wedding, I honestly cannot remember ANYTHING. And I have a really good memory! I only remember parts of my flight home. So bizarre. I'd like you tell you to try to soak up and bask in these exciting weeks ahead - but I am sure every bride kind of feels this time as a "blur" ;). Excited to see you next week!!!

Gracie said...

Girls gone mild: I love it! I think all we did was tea with my bridesmaids at the Windsor Court. Despite being incredibly busy, I am sure you're still knocking it out of the park at work. But yeah, you'll be ready for some vacation!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I am loving the gorgeous, HOT weather we've been having. It's like mid-summer here this weekend! I am listening to Beyonce's Lemonade album a lot. She is just too good! I am wishing that I didn't have to leave the house this weekend, but it's for something fun, so I guess it's okay. This is just the first weekend we've been at home in a while ...

Sorry to hear about the RA flareup. Do you find it flares up more when you're stressed out/ busy/ etc.?

It's going to be so nice for you to relax once your officially married!!

Amber said...

I love your outfits! I still haven't really gotten to experience spring as the nice weather seemed to come to FSJ while we were gone and now it has been pouring rain since we got home from our trip. I can't wait to start wearing crop pants and flats again as that is a look I really like as well and I'm also SO sick of boots after such a long winter!

You have so much exciting stuff happening in your life right now between career advancement opportunities and your upcoming wedding and honeymoon. I am so excited for you and can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle!