Monday, April 3, 2017

Podcast, Books, Workouts & Looks of March

Ufda, March was a hectic month!  I'm hoping April feels a bit less chaotic!  Here's my usual monthly recap!


Chatty Sisters Podcast - As I mentioned in my currently post, my good friend Kelly and her sister Caroline started a podcast!  I have read both of their blogs for years so know them well but even if you don't know them, you'll still enjoy the podcast as they talk about interesting topics such as wedding dos and don'ts, careers, and setting/achieving goals.  I got a shout-out in episode 3 for a book recommendation I made (woo hoo) so that was pretty cool to hear as I wasn't expecting it!


 March was a huge reading month for me as I read 9 books!! It's tough to pick a favorite as I gave many of them 4 stars.  It's easy to pick my least favorite, which was Beauty and Sadness.  I read this book for my postal book club and I did not enjoy it.  Others in the club really enjoyed it so when I finished I wondered what I had missed.  I strongly disliked one of the protagonists, though, and I'm the kind of reader that struggles to like a book when I don't like one of the main characters.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler - 3 stars
The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom - 4 stars
Beauty and Sadness by Yasunari Kawabata - 2 stars
The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon - 4 stars
The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen - 4 stars
The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning - 3 stars
The Turner House by Angela Flournoy - 4 stars
The Weight of Heaven by Thrity Umrigar - 4 stars


I had a strong month of workouts! I did a combination of barre classes, sessions with my personal trainer, 3-4 mile runs, and 21 day fix workouts. My favorite workout of the month was a barre class I took in the western metro that used trampolines (see picture below). It was an amazing workout as we did barre moves at the beginning, cardio on the trampoline in the middle (a combination of jumps, high knees and other moves), and core work at the end.  I was dripping with sweat at the end!  I wish there was a studio that offered these classes closer to where I live. The studio I went to is in Wayzata which is just too far away for me to get there regularly! 


I've got nothing for you.  March is a transitional month as it's too cold to wear spring clothes and I'm so sick of my winter clothes by this point that I have no motivation to take any photos of what I wore. I hope that April is a nicer month so I can start to wear some lighter spring clothing!


Marisa A. said...

I've always wanted to try one of those barre classes! They look like fun. I still can't get into podcasts. I've tried, Drew loves them he is always listening to them at home. You'd think that would help me get into them but it has had the opposite effect. Also I hear you on the wardrobe crisis. I, who loves winter and all my winter clothes, am also ready to move on. Just wish the weather would get it together so I can wear all my new spring things!

Marlys said...

I am always amazed at how many books you read even when you have been so busy with wedding plans & all! I did finish one book while on vacation and made it slightly through another, but that is all!
That workout on trampolines looks interesting! A friend of mine has a small trampoline with a hand rail and she just jumps on it and feels it gives her great exercise! Yours sounded a bit more strenuous!
I, too, am so tired of winter clothes and after spending two weeks wearing summer ones while in Hawaii, it was tortuous to go back to them!
I hope April is less stressful, and that you can spend most of this month just focusing on your future life as the wedding plans will fall in place and you want to enjoy the process! Happy April!

J and A said...

I have always wanted to try a tramp class like that!! SO fun. You a busy lady and still read so much, I love that.

Jeanie said...

What a load of books! I just finished my 9th for the YEAR!!! You must be a reading wizard -- but most with good stars. Yay!

Nora said...

YES to being a transition month. I am so over/tired of my winter clothes & looks right now but every time I'm ready to break out the spring/summer wardrobe, we get another cold snap. Definitely feel like I need some new tops to wear at this point.

Carolina John said...

that trampoline class looks like a blast! It was a strange transition month in NC too. Started really warm, got cold and windy.

I was missing you when we were in Savannah at the end of the month too. I remember how much you enjoyed it down there.

Amber said...

The trampoline barre class sounds so cool! I told my friend Geralyn who owns a barre studio about it in case it's something they want to look into. I definitely have missed barre classes a lot since moving to a community without a studio. They work you in such a different way and I love that they are low impact.

Can't believe how much you read in March! 9 books is seriously impressive!

San said...

9 books! Way to go, Lisa. No 5 stars ratings.... but lots of 4 stars!I think I was one of the people who also wasn't too impressed with Beauty and Sadness. I just couldn't really relate to the book, I guess.

Stephany said...

You read so many books! Nice job.

We have a few trampoline fitness centers around here, and it's such a fun way to work out - and so exhausting! Haha. It's a good workout for my ankles because I have really weak ankles and it strengthens them. If I wasn't a member of a gym, I might look into buying another set of fitness classes there because it just doesn't feel like a workout at all!

katielookingforward said...

I started wearing my dresses in march. It felt so good to not be in my normal winter rotation, here's hoping for better weather!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Yeah, March is a tough month for outfits, especially when it's starting to get nice out. I've been wanting to wear more spring-like colours at least, but have realized I don't have much that isn't dark. I plan on doing a lot of shopping in NY this Easter week!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I really enjoyed The Kitchen house!