Monday, October 25, 2021

A Quiet Fall Weekend

The temps were cooler this weekend but we didn't let that prevent us from enjoying time outdoors. Here is how we filled our weekend!

On Friday, Phil worked from home and put together Paul's bed during downtime. This was one of those days that was not a fun one in our marriage. Even though we both looked at pictures of the bed online, since I was the one who found it/ordered it, I was the one to blame when Phil realized how many pieces and steps the assembly required... There was much grumbling. Which I get - it's a pain to put things together. I suggested that in the future, we got to a furniture store, pay more money, and get something that is already assembled!

But by the end of the day, we had an assembled bed! I like that it has storage under the bed. All of Paul's bedtime books fit in the cubbies so we could move his book shelf into William's room. We have held off on putting the comforter on the bed until Paul has moved out of pull-ups/stays dry at night. He has a cozy dino blanket that keeps him plenty warm. 

Bedtime the first night was pretty rough and required both of us. But after an hour, we finally got him to stay in bed. The next night was better and then Sunday night was kind of rough again. Change is hard for our little guy. 

On Saturday, Phil spent a good chunk of the day working on projects with his cousin. He headed out around the boy's nap time. After the boys' nap, we put Will in the stroller and Paul got on his scooter so we could check out decorations in the neighborhood. His new favorite is this hand with an eye that moves back and forth! Last year Paul was terrified of anything remotely spooky - this year he loves all the decoration!

It was chilly so we had to bundle of the boys in coats, hats and mittens. Will enjoyed the neighborhood stroll, too!

On Sunday, we facetimed with my parents in the morning and went for a long walk/scooting adventure to the park after lunch. Along the way, I saw these bag of leaves which are similar to what we filled when I was a kid - although ours were bright orange and not transparent. But they apparently still make these leaf bags!

We had the park to ourselves since we got there at 12:30! Both boys enjoyed the swings!

We took a different route back home as we needed to stop by a port-a-potty for Paul. The fall leaves are at peak here!

This little outing proved to be a bit too long for Paul. There was much negotiation to get him back on his scooter but he wouldn't get in the stroller either... Thankfully it was nap time when we got home - we all needed some quiet time/sleep. 

On Sunday evening, I baked a ham and made mashed potatoes, gravy and roasted asparagus. No picture as meal time was a bit of a frenzy - Will was crying as he was hungry and Paul wasn't the most cooperative... But Paul surprised us by eating some ham. He's refused to eat it previously. It's nice to see him willing to try new things. He also had mashed potatoes. Will liked the ham but not the potatoes (probably a texture issue).  

And that was our weekend. A good amount of time outdoors and both boys napped/had quiet time for 1.5-2 hours both days which I much appreciated! Paul is VERY excited for Halloween on Sunday. He kept asking to go trick-or-treating throughout the weekend. It's tough to get him to understand that it's a one-day thing!

How was your weekend?


Elisabeth said...

For the record - the bed looks great. And it might even make a memorable inside joke?

Years ago, in our first apartment (and just a few weeks after we got married) my husband and I spent several hours trying to hang up a window blind. Neither of us has ANY DIY skills. We were standing on a small wooden shelf because we had no ladder or step-stool. The shelf was too short so we were trying to screw in the blinds way above our heads. Then the shelf broke. We had extra screw holes and bent metal brackets and the whole debacle left me frustrated and very sweaty.

FINALLY, we finished. Then we tugged on the pull cord to lower the blind and there was at least 3 inches of window exposed below.

We had bought the wrong length of blind from the store!!!!

I tend to ruminate and get worked up over things that really don't deserve much emotional investment and this time I surprised myself. After 3 hours of fighting with a blind (and each other) only to discover it was inches too short - I laughed. And it's now one of my favourite memories of our first year of married life. When we moved out, we would sometimes walk by it and always laughed to see that the knew apartment tenents hadn't changed the blind and there was still inches of exposed window...guess they weren't handy either?

Jeanie said...

Kevin and Molly are still having trouble with Carson staying in his bed. And he's had his big boy bed for probably close to a year. Hang in there. I'm sad to see those warm fuzzy hats -- it means that the seasons are changing and I'm not ready. It does sound like a bit of a stressful weekend. I can relate in a way I never did before!

Grateful Kae said...

I love that picture of the hand with the eyeball on it! That's great! I heard of a house in our town on the news that apparently went all out with Halloween decor, so I want to look that up and take the boys for a drive past it. So fun.

The bed looks great! Good job Phil. :) I don't know that it's always better from a furniture store! We recently ordered a whole new bedroom set for Ethan, from Slumberland. (So we went to the store and everything- not an online purchase.) The set still showed up in big boxes, needing assembly! The boxes are now all currently sitting in the garage. We are waiting for new carpet to get installed before assembling it (the carpet comes tomorrow! I'm very excited about that part! We are getting new carpet in our bedroom, too, and Asher's.). But I'm a little nervous about what is inside those big boxes...Well, not that nervous, since I'm not going to assemble it myself, anyway! haha! But I hope for Ivan's sake that it is pretty simple. ;)

San said...

Oh, that's a nice kids' bed... I wish I could have come over to help put it together, I love putting furniture together (or at least I am told I am good with Ikea furniture LOL).

Sounds like you had a fun morning with your boys... although I can imagine that the whole trip must have been tiring! I love the orange pumpkin leaf bags.. what a great idea!

Abby said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! Paul looks so grown up on his scooter! Smart to put the blanket in the swing so Will can fit!!

I'm excited to see what you dress Paul up for Halloween. Does Will have a costume? I would not dress Maddy up normally - b/c...she's 8 months old. But Lora sewed a tutu and got a sugar skull onesie - so I will put her in that at some point over the weekend.

That's great to hear Paul is starting to try more things. Maybe he is coming out of that regression. Apparently, there are food regressions just like sleep regressions? ( are complicated!) Maddy does not like mashed potatoes either - or anything pureed. We went to a dinner for my friend's wedding on Sunday and the waiter came out with butternut squash soup for Maddy - and she was trying to grab handfuls of it and was getting frustrated she couldn't "grab" it. It was kind of a disaster.

Stephany said...

Ugh, furniture assembly is the worst. I get it! Last year, I paid over $100 to have someone come in and assemble my dining room table for me because after assembling a desk, multiple bookshelves, and a dresser, I just didn't have it in me to assembly any more furniture! It was the best investment, for sure.

I hope the kiddos have a great Halloween! I can't wait for pictures. :) So fun that Paul is so excited - I bet he'll be so much fun at Christmastime this year. The holidays are so extra special with kids.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love the storage under the bed! Super functional furniture like that is my favorite. We never buy new furniture, but someday, when we move (when retired), I want a king bed, and I want it to have drawers at the bottom because I think all bed frames should have storage. Our bedroom is SO tiny, so I'd love to have extra places for clothing, etc. I guess one perk about our little house is that we can't accumulate much.