Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday Run Down

- This past weekend was not a good one. Did I jinx myself by posting last week about how essential plans are for the sanity of parents of littles? It feels that way! I knew we were going to have to lay low with me recovering from covid, but then Paul woke with a fever on Saturday. He had a rash on his face on Friday but we assumed it was an allergic reaction to sunscreen. But when the fever hit, I did some googling and I think he has something called Fifths Disease, which is also referred to as - I kid you not - "slapped cheek syndrome." He had no appetite on Saturday and ended up throwing up at the end of the day after eating some dry cherrios. Then there was more vomiting on Sunday and much laundry was done. 

- Before the illness hit Paul, we took the water table out on Friday. Both boys played with it for over 30 minutes, which is like 3 hours in toddler time. Will drank so much water, which was dirty. I texted my nurse sister and she said "that's good probiotics" and commented on all the wood chips her 1yo tried to eat at the park that day. 

- Will got the rash, but it was much more faint and he did not get a fever or GI stuff. He was his normal, energetic, food throwing, mischievous self and kept wanting to bug his brother who was laid up on the couch. So he got 2 long 1-hour walks on Saturday and 3 1-hour walks on Sunday. But the weekend felt like it was about 800 hours long. I gave him a bath on Saturday night, not because he needed it but because I needed to entertain him for 20 minutes. I'm very glad he's healthy and could go to school today.

Rashy baby, eating breakfast.

- I'm recovering well from covid but am still very, very congested, like can't breath through nostrils-most-of the-day congested. And I'm tired, but is it from covid or parenting 2 small children who both seem to want to start the day at an hour that starts with the number 5? I was supposed to do a 10 mile race next Saturday and had been planning to drop down to the 10k distance but now I think I should probably just skip it and give my body a rest. I haven't exercised since last Monday which isn't great for my mental health, but I got lots of steps in this weekend with all the stroller walks. So I guess I need to call walks 'good enough' and wait until I'm back to full health. 

How was your weekend? Surely/hopefully it was better than mine??


Elisabeth said...

Oh Lisa! Lisa. You poor thing. I keep thinking things can't get harder health-wise for your family and then they do.
That high-chair picture is too cute, though. Man you have adorable kids. But I realize a weekend can literally feel like it lasts forever; especially when one kid is sick and the other isn't.

Our weekend was fine. Levi came down with a cold (I think it's a cold; everyone is testing negative), and I just felt...bleh. We have some travel coming up next week that requires a negative COVID test and even though all the rapid tests have been negative, I just don't know how to prepare. Cases are quite high where we live and we can only get the antigen test 24 hours before we it doesn't give much time to plan. I'm assuming if we keep testing negative, the antigen test we get done at the pharmacy will also be negative but it's...stressful. I like to plan and so packing and organizing in advance while knowing 24 hours before a trip EVERYTHING could get called off (this happened to a friend of mine recently when she was heading to the UK to see her family for the first time in years) is just beyond demoralizing.
But, we're relatively healthy. Levi is home from school until he feels better, but he's in great spirits with normal energy (and no fatigue or fever, so that's a great sign).

I hope that congestion clears up soon; I find that one of the most annoying symptoms of any sinus infection/bug, especially because for me it makes sleeping almost impossible. Hoping Paul starts to feel better too!

NGS said...

I can't help but think that the weekend might have felt a little overwhelming because you're not at 100% either! Your family just can't catch a break!! I hope everyone starts feeling better SOON and that you can go back to normal.

katielookingforward said...

A solo walk, a walk with someone else (or pushing a stroller) or a run are just not the same mental breaks. Hopefully your energy will come back as time goes by, but as much as it stinks, either the 10k, or 0k are probably your best options. I think your base fitness would be enough to complete the 10k, but if it isn't something your heart is in, I think it is a good idea to give yourself the grace to not.

Aly said...

Ah...weekend. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Thank you for writing about the long and boring. I empathize. I feel ya.

Suzanne said...

LISA. Omg. What a weekend! I am so glad that the kids are doing better but WOW. That would be draining and would have pushed me to the EDGE of my patience, and while WELL, which you are not! Oh my goodness here's hoping fervently that you feel better soon and that next weekend is MUCH MUCH BETTER.

Shelly said...

The young years are exhausting at the best of times. Add in RA (I'm the one from Elisabeth's blog that mentioned it and I've been meaning to get here and post!) and some days are really hard. My daughter was a 5 am riser when she was little and there was no convincing her to try and sleep longer. It made for some long days, winters especially. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Whoever came up with some of the names for the viruses that kids can get seems ridiculous. There was the year my kids got Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (doesn't that just sound bad?). Only 11% of adults get it and who got it? - me. My feet were so itchy.

I hope you feel better soon and walking sounds good as part of recovery. Covid hit my house, including me last weekend. Thankfully so far I only had one bad day. I'm hoping yours is looking up.

Jenny said...

Ugh, just read this post and the last one. DEFINITELY do not try to run that race!!! It's not worth it and you'll be miserable. There will be other races- just skip this one and continue to recover. What a weekend for you and the boys. I hope everyone is feeling better and that no one else in your house gets Covid!

Grateful Kae said...

Oh No! Not again. I'm so sorry.... Yeah, I've heard of fifth's disease. Poor kiddos!! I definitely agree that you should not run that race. Even if you're feeling better, your body will probably just be a little under the weather yet/ recovering. Why push it? There will always be another race. It would probably just be frustrating to run and not feel 100%, anyway, energy-wise. The good thing is- fall will be around the corner....fall races are great in the midwest! Maybe you can do another shorter race this summer when it's hot, and then train for a longer one this fall, or something?

Nicole said...

Oh Lisa, I feel for you! Taking care of sick kids while being sick yourself...honey, cut yourself a break and try to rest as much as possible - maybe skip that race. There will be other races! Also, several people told me when I had covid that I should really make sure I felt better before exercise - apparently long covid is associated with too much, too soon. I hope your kids recover and that you do too, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, PLEASE, UNIVERSE!!!

Stephany said...

I just want to place a big bubble around your home! Your family just CANNOT catch a break. And dealing with sick kiddos on top of having Covid?! THE. WORST. What a friggin weekend, huh? I hope the boys are on the mend and you start feeling better. Being congested just SUCKS.

I definitely think you should sit out of the race, even if you start feeling better towards the end of the week. Your body is fighting an illness and that's much harder on your body than other people's. <3

San said...

I am so sorry this was such a tough weekend for you guys. Ugh. Time for you all to catch a break!