Monday, May 23, 2022

The Next Domino Falls

I had really hoped and prayed that Phil and the boys would miraculously not get covid. But if anyone was going to get it, I was hoping Will wouldn't since he is by far the harder kid to have home for a 10 day quarantine. So guess who tested positive on Saturday afternoon? Will. He was fine all morning but then had a low-grade fever at lunchtime and didn't eat well so we tested him and sure enough - he was positive. Phil and Paul remain healthy and negative. Maybe they had it before and were not symptomatic? Maybe it's coming for them? Who knows. This virus is so weird. 

I thought I was turning the corner earlier last week and then felt like I got hit with a 2nd wave and was back to peak congestion. I ended up logging off work early on Thursday and napped for almost 2 hours. We had planned to take Friday off to do something fun to celebrate our anniversary but I was clearly not feeling up for anything fun. So Phil and I worked on an organization project that morning, did a good will drop, and then got some (delicious) tacos to go. Nothing says romance like organizing your storage space, right?? It was something I had wanted to do since the new year and it made sense to do it while we were both off and the boys were at school. After lunch, Phil went golfing with his cousins and I napped for 2 hours. I hypothesize that I would have gotten over covid faster if I could have slept for like 10 hours a day for multiple days. But of course that is not possible when you have young children. Especially when one of them has a stomach virus! 

On a positive note, Paul moved into a new classroom this week - Pre-K! Last week was supposed to be his transitional week where he spends 1/2 of the day in the new room, but he missed 3 days of school thanks to the GI bug. But I think he'll do just fine. He was excited about his new room. Plus they have a field trip to a local garden tomorrow so that is extra exciting and really makes him feel like a "big kid." I fill out this first day of school board every time he changes preschool rooms. Last year he said he wanted to be a T Rex; now he wants to be a dinosaur! Quite the change!

I'm hoping they let him skip naps in his room so bedtime is better. I know his teachers want/need a break but I don't know many 4-5 year olds that need a nap! 

Now hopefully he stays healthy this week so we only have to manage one kid at home. Phil and I are taking turns taking care of Will. The best way to entertain him is to go for a stroller walk. I imagine he'll go on 2-3 hour or longer stroller walks every day during quarantine. Phil has to go into the office tomorrow so I will take the day off since there is NO WAY I can work while watching him. Luckily this is a quiet week at work as our sales force is at a sales conference, and our client base (financial advisors) kind of checks out as we approach Memorial Day weekend. And at least it's happening when it's nice outside so we can go for hour+ long walks. But gosh I wish my kids were vaccine-eligible so the quarantine was shorter! Allegedly it's around the corner as Moderna has submitted for approval, but I'm guessing they won't be fully vaxxed until the end of summer most likely. 

How was your weekend? Are you staying covid-free? I have heard of so many testing positive lately so it seems like it's really circulating right now.


Nicole said...

" I hypothesize that I would have gotten over covid faster if I could have slept for like 10 hours a day for multiple days. But of course that is not possible when you have young children. Especially when one of them has a stomach virus!" Oh, do I ever remember this. I remember getting the flu when the boys were, I think, 2 and 3 or 1 and 2, I don't recall exactly, just that they were small and active and up early in the morning. Wait, I think they didn't nap so it must have been 2 and 3. Anyway, it took a solid month to really get over it, because who can sleep with kids that age? What I'm saying is I feel for you!

Elisabeth said...

Ugh. So sorry, Lisa.
Two years later, COVID is still very much impacting daily life for so many. I agree - cases seem to be inching up again.

Hope you manage to get more rest to recuperate from your own bout with COVID and that Will has the mildest of cases.

Grateful Kae said...

Oh no! Of course.... too bad, though!! I'm glad you still managed to have a "nice" anniversary, including some very romantic organizing! Ha! Such a bummer to have the whole stomach flu thing on top of the covid bout. That's extra frustrating!! I hope it all passes you guys by quickly and then, hopefully, you can have a nice, long stretch of illness free time! (Maybe, if covid + stomach bugs can be crossed off the list of offenders, for a little while, anyway??)

Suzanne said...

Oh nooooo I am so sorry! Here's hoping he has few to no symptoms and that his quarantine goes smoothly and quickly (and that no one else gets it).

Tacos make any occasion into a celebration. ;-)

We are (so far) Covid free but I have a BAD feeling it is coming for us. SO MANY kids in my daughter's grade have Covid and I am not convinced she is wearing a mask particularly well at school. I have tried to scare her by saying if she gets Covid she will miss out on the end of year fun, like the school carnival... but it is so hard to be eight and to make the right choice for the future. (Plus, she could wear a mask perfectly and still get Covid, so... I don't want to scare her too much.)

Marlys said...

I didn’t know Will had Covid! Bummers, but kids are pretty resilient and don’t get very sick so hope it passes soon. How long do you have to quarantine these days? They keep changing it, so just curious.
I sure hope you feel better soon! It’s time for the Segner’s to be healthy.

katielookingforward said...

Oh Will! What a bummer! Thank goodness at least the weather has been mild, although when you just need a nap its definitely a challenge.

Stephany said...

Ughhhh... I am so sorry to read that Will got COVID. That really sucks, especially with the long quarantine period. At least you're able to take him out for walks! A small silver lining in a really sucky situation.

I've still remained Covid-free but I think I'm going to put myself in a little bubble from now until my trip in two weeks because it seems like everyone I know is getting Covid these days, and most of them are really feeling the symptoms. I was supposed to go to an event at my office today and I decided to stay home because I'm just not willing to risk it!

Anonymous said...

This is your sister Abby - not sure why I can’t sign in with my phone! But anyways - I am SO SORRY Will got this too and I’m praying Paul & Phil steer clear of it.

Paul looks so cute and grown up! He is expanding his taste in dinosaurs now? Maybe it was from the trex at the Tucson zoo he saw 😂

Jenny said...

Omg you poor thing. I'm not sure how long the quarantine is for kids Will's age, but I'm writing this on Thursday so... the time must be about up? What an ordeal. I hope the other guys are still healthy! When a virus goes through a family slowly, one by one, it just goes on forever.
I liked your romantic anniversary trip to the Goodwill store! At least you also got delicious tacos. Hope your week is going... well...if possible.

San said...

Oh no, I am so sorry, Lisa. I know you were fretting that one of the kids or Phil could catch it... how's Will been doing? I hope he's been okay. This must have been a rough week, especially as you were dealing with lingering symptoms yourself.