Monday, February 26, 2024

Weekend Highs

This was a weird weekend since we stayed close to home while trying to potty train Taco. We had mixed success…we learned he is VERY good at holding his pee but he has not figured out how to release it into the potty. So the sequence was hold pee for HOURS followed by a big accident. This may be TMI but he did poop in the potty on Saturday and Sunday so at least we had some success. I knew that it would be very hard to potty train Taco since he is very strong willed. So we will keep working on it. 

But we did have some highlights despite the frustrating potty training experience!

- We had friends over on Saturday night (we put Taco in a pull-up while they were there as we didn’t want to deal with accidents while hosting friends - I know it’s probably not optimal to do that when focusing on potty training but we rarely see these friends and didn’t want to not have them over just because we were potty training). Their son turns 3 this month so he’s close in age to Taco. We hadn’t seen them since September so it was great to catch up! We don’t have guests over often so when we do the boys get SO EXCITED and SO WILD. But so it goes. We grilled ahi tuna steaks for the adults which I served with an asian-flavored rice and roasted asparagus + ice cream for dessert. The kids ate something different. The boys went to bed happy and exhausted. 

- I did a great Iron CG workout on Saturday (and realized over halfway through that I hadn’t started my Apple Watch fitness tracker… sigh. If my watch didn’t track the workout, did it even happen?). On Sunday I went for a nice 3 mile run in sunshine and mild temps (30s which is nice for us in February). 

- Paul had a great swimming lesson on Sunday! He has made so much progress during the winter session. This time the teacher got him to put his face in the water more and at the end of the lesson he was willingly dunking his head. 

- My heart about burst to see Paul reading this book on his own (Dogman, which he loves). It’s amazing how his reading abilities have taken off!

- I planned Paul’s bday party (he turns 6 on Friday). He’s going to have 5 friends from school over in mid-March. They will assemble a LEGO set and have birthday treats. I said no presents please - I hope people comply (he gets enough presents from family). And their favor will be the LEGO set they assemble. He’s very excited and so far 4/5 have said yes! 

Honestly the weekend felt like quite a bummer with the lack of potty training progress so it was a good exercise to look for the highlights! 

What were some of the highs of your weekend?

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