Friday, November 14, 2008

Vacation on the brain...

With the temperature dropping and the days getting shorter, I've got one thing on my mind... VACATION! Add to that the fact that I entering the home stretch of my MBA program, and, well, you've got a one-tracked mind gal...

Vacation planning is one of my favorite things to do. My mom once commented in a Christmas letter that if I could find a way to travel the world and go to school for a living, that's what I'd do!! True observation, Mom. I have the travel bug. I caught it back in the spring of 2001. I went on my first overseas trip to visit my friend Nicole in London. Despite many 'inoculatory' factors (Yes, I think I just made a word up... what's up, Webster's Dictionary!), from 9/11 to buying a home to running out of single friends to travel with, the bug is incurable. 7 years later, and I am still going strong!

So, I will finish my MBA program in May. I have worked really hard, balancing work, school, and family obligations. Pepper in a couple unsuccessful forays into finding Mr. Right, and you've got a veritable smorgasbord (orgasbord) of stress, anxiety, and moments of self-doubt. And yah, I did go on a kick-arse trip to France, but that also involved 2 weeks of putting up with the bureaucracy that is the French education system. So I've earned another trip right (go ahead, nod along with me). Does this sound convincing or what?

So while visions of these

(sugar plum fairies) dance in the heads of other during this Holiday Season...

I'll be dreaming of these potential trips:

Contestant #1: Machu Picchu, Peru

Contestant #2: Cinque Terre, Italy

Contestant #3: Croatia

Contestant #4: Algarve, Portugal

I'm open to suggestions... I'm just in the 'option gathering' phase right now. I don't have a lot of parameters for this trip. Just these: Not super far away (Asia's out) , not a country I've been to (Germany, UK, Czech Rep, France, Switzerland), NOT romantic. The not romantic is probably the top one on the list, actually. I'll likely be doing this trip solo, which I am pleased as punch about since I discovered this summer that I actually LOVE traveling alone (although I could use a personal photographer so I don't have a disproportional number of scenery photos that are interesting to only me...)

So suggest away!!


Anonymous said...

1. Tunisia

2. Slovenia

3. Greenland

A bit odd as suggestions go, but worth some thought-


Unknown said...

All look wonderful and it is hard to decide on a favorite. The season you travel would make a difference. We've had friends travel to Italy in the summer and be miserably hot due to the lack of air conditioning in the country. But, I just love Italy. I have heard Croatia is absolutely beautiful. When we are on our trips we always ask the tour guides their recommendations and Croatia is always on their list of must sees. But then, I could "settle" for Peru and Portugal any day of the week.

These are the fun decisions in life, Lisa, and you certainly have earned yourself a big old fun decision!!!! As we have been known to do, we will probably over research these areas and travel vicariously with you. Have fun making your choice!

Marlys said...

Hmmm, can't decide for you, but my choice would be Italy. Where ever you go, I will enjoy the trip in blogging. It's enjoyable & cheap!