Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 3: A community of bloggers

I am thankful for the blogging community and the writing outlet it has provided.

I am, and always have been, a numbers girl. My degree is in mathematics, and I love solving problems. The gray areas of life are uncomfortable for me - I prefer black and white. Right and wrong. No in between, no 'maybe that's the answer, we aren't sure and may never know.'

That said, I love to write. I actually forgot how much I loved to write... until I went to France and blogged about it. Every day, I looked forward to recording the events of the day. I was sad to see that trip end for many reasons. Most surprisingly, I was sad that it meant the end of my blog. 'An American Girl in France' couldn't foray into my adventures in Minneapolis. It just didn't make sense.

Luckily, I was encouraged by a few people to keep blogging. I took their suggestion, and started this blog, and am so glad I did. There is something about the putting your thoughts, feelings, and actions into written text.

It makes my day every time I see that I have a comment (keep them coming, please!). Knowing this, I try comment as much as possible on the blogs I read on a daily basis. And now that I blog, I read a ton of blogs every day. Their topics range from single parenting to weddings to travel to fashion to relationships. They run the gamut and keep me entertained and inspired.

10 years from now, I look forward to reading these posts. It'll be great to refresh my mind & remember how I was feeling and what I was doing. And hopefully I'll be able to laugh over some of the stuff I was obsessing over... time will tell I guess!


Unknown said...

I was inspired to get started in this whole adventure by your trip to France and your blog. It has been a great way for you to be in my every day life and for that I am forever grateful!!!! I, too, will look back on these blogs and be thankful for the memories! Keep up the good work (and the comments)!

aimee said...

it is amazing to see how much support there is in the blogging community. i catch myself referring to the authors of blogs i read as my "friends" when i talk about them..even though i have never met them! it's an awesome community!

Unknown said...

Paul loves e.e. cummings! I will have to ask him his favorite poem.