Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeling under the weather...

It's not even winter yet and has been unseasonably warm lately, yet I somehow managed to get a cold... Really bad timing since I have a really busy/important day tomorrow which will require me to have my 'A game' on for 10-12 hours...

And I don't want to hear anything about not getting a flu shot. I know there are a lot of great reasons to get one, but I got my first one last year and was sick more often than I've been since I got my tonsils out... So I'm skipping out on it this year. Plus, even if I was going to get a flu shot, I wouldn't be getting it until around the 17th since that's when my health care provider comes to work to give us flu shots (one of the perks of working for a ginormous company....)

So I am trading in this

for this
Here's hoping this cup of tea will magically boost my immune system overnight, leaving me sniffle/sneeze/sore throat-free tomorrow!
It doesn't help that it is rainy and cool outside... but at least it isn't snowing! I heard that South Dakota is getting hit hard! Please, God, please. No snow yet. I'm not ready for this (old man winter)

Hopefully this little bug is short-lived! Hope no one else is battling the flu or a cold!


aimee said...

hope you feel better soon! i'm actually home sick today with some nasty stomach bug and a cold. i'm not ready for winter either!!

Unknown said...

Hope you are recovered from your cold. I just finished the book Missy recommended the night we were at The Nook..."Horizontal World" I really enjoyed it. Of course, being a "flatlander" at heart was a true connection.