Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 7: Music

I am thankful for beautiful music!

I started taking piano lessons when I was in 2nd grade. While I didn't necessarily 'love' practicing, I am so glad my parents let me take lessons. It was great to be introduced to music at a young age; Those lessons resulted in an appreciation for music.

My musical tastes are pretty diverse. I'll give almost anything a try, but seem to gravitate towards music with an accoustic sound. I absolutely love going to live shows, but sometimes have a tough time finding people to join me - I can totally handle going to a movie alone, but not to a concert for some reason... maybe I should set a goal for myself in 2009 and try to attend a concert alone if I can't find a +1...

Here's a list of some of the artists I'm listening to quite a bit these days...
- Bell X1
- Damien Rice
- Matt Nathanson
- Jason Mraz
- Ray LaMontagne
- Brandi Carlile

I've been to two Damien Rice concerts - they are the best. He is so talented. I would love to see him in his home country of Ireland some day. How cool would it be to tour the Emerald Isle and top off the vacation with a Damien Rice concert????

I'm heading home for Thanksgiving this weekend and will be doing the 4 hour drive solo. I am very thankful for my trusty side kick, Pete (my iPod)!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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